326POWER Lexus RC-F

A Visit to 326POWER HQ

I first visited 326Power’s headquarters back in March but I only took a handful of photos on my phone at the time. A couple of weeks ago I found myself back in the picturesque town of Higashi-Hiroshima, ready to visit the company again. Now equipped with my DSLR camera, I decided to take a few photos that captured the hive of activity that was taking place on this particular Saturday afternoon before discussing 326POWER UK matters with bossman Mitsuru Haruguchi.


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An Afternoon at Meihan Sportsland

I always dreamed that, one day, I’d get to blog about a grassroots drift day at Meihan Sportsland. Last Wednesday, I found myself driving along the expressway from Osaka in the sweltering heat alongside my friend Eiichi, himself an O.G drifter of Tinker fame. I was exhausted from our hectic schedule, feeling ill and struggling to cope with the near 40 degrees heat but I knew there was absolutely no way I was going to pass up on visiting what is a mecca for fans of grassroots Japanese drifting.


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A Guide to Aggressive Driving at Meihan Sportsland

Yesterday afternoon my friend Eiichi took me to visit Meihan Sportsland. Having spent countless hours on YouTube watching footage from the circuit you can probably imagine how excited I was just to be attending, let alone how happy I was to see D1 legends such as Akinori Utsumi, Seimi Tanaka and Kunihiko Teramachi tearing up the track in their respective practice cars.

Thanks to Eiichi I also got to ride shotgun with FD Japan driver Takatori in his Rocket Bunny-kitted PS13 but, more on that later (along with a full feature from the event!). For now, please enjoy the video below that I filmed from the viewing gallery during one of the afternoon’s Expert Class sessions.

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Back to Japan! Shop Availability News

Today I have returned to Japan to help build an even bigger and brighter future for Street Track Life. If you don’t currently follow me on Instagram, follow @streettracklife and keep an eye on my Story as I’ll be updating it with all the weird and wonderful sights and sounds that Japan has to offer!

I will still be replying to emails and messages but please bear in mind the time difference (+ 8 hours) with regards my replies. The shop will still be open for orders but no orders will be processed until Friday 9th September. The first batch of HM-Sports E36 Aero kits will also be prepared for dispatch at this time.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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