At the start of the month I posted a picture of my car up on jacks (again) due to yet another problem, but it wasn’t just a small niggly fault…

A few weeks ago I was driving home from a meet near the Trafford Centre and everything seemed fine. I went to brake as I approached a roundabout and the brake pedal went straight to the floor. I can’t really write what went through my mind as I realised I had a few hundred yards to slow my car down from 70mph without any brakes, but I’m sure you can guess how I felt. I managed to use the gears to slow me down with a lot of engine braking, as well as a few tugs on the handbrake (as the rear drum brakes were still functioning) and I was able to negotiate the roundabout and crawl home. All I can say is how lucky I am that it happened on a deserted road at 1am and not during rush hour the following morning.

The car got jacked up the following morning and we found the problem: the front flexible brake hose had split, dropping almost the entire contents of the brake master cylinder on the road. We got to work and replaced it with what we could find, which was a hose from a DC2 Integra. Everything was put back together, we filled the system with brake fluid and began bleeding the system, but not for long…

While we were bleeding the system the pressure suddenly dropped and we quickly found the problem: one of the rear solid brake pipes had burst, great! I managed to get one made by a local garage and get the car sorted and back on the road but I had lost all confidence in it. With it being an old car I expected problems along the way but the brake system failing is fairly inexcusable and the consequences could quite easily have been much, much worse. With that and the ever-worsening rust problem in mind, I went looking to buy a facelift model.

Not long after, I came across the car you see in this post; a VSM EJ9 with full service history and an owner who’d owned it from new…perfect! After buying it I was glad to have a comfortable car that could negotiate speed bumps without any issues, but I soon started missing the road-scraping lows, so this weekend has so far been spent swapping parts over from my old Civic onto the new one…pics to follow! (Apologies for the iPhone pictures)




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