I wasn’t able to visit the Fitted UK event in Manchester a couple of weeks back but, fortunately for me, resident STREET TRACK LIFE contributor Laurie Southern was able to get some early-doors access to the show before the public were allowed entry.

When he asked me what I would like to see photos of, the description of “the coolest car there that I would be massively into” resulted in a photo gallery of the Volvo 850R you see here landing on my metaphorical desk (Dropbox).

90s BTCC super tourer style (an obsession of mine) paired with show car levels of attention-to-detail has resulted in a wonderful cohesive creation. Of course, I’d love it a little bit more if it was static and driven on track at this ride height while bouncing over kerbs but, crucially, this car isn’t mine to fiddle with, and so it hasn’t been ruined in such a fashion. The owner has done a fantastic job of pursuing their own goals in building this creation and you can find more on their Instagram here.



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