At the weekend I got cracking with getting my new Civic lowered. I started by removing my Meister R coilovers from my old Civic and replacing them with the OEM suspension which started proving a lot harder and more time consuming than I first thought it would be due to the awkwardness of the OEM parts. Thankfully my mate Andy offered to come round and give me a hand which resulted in my driveway looking like a workshop!

While Andy got to work with my old car I got started with installing the coilovers on my new Civic. After a few hours work I managed to get it done which is something I’m pretty proud of conidering I only started learning about working on cars properly in the summer.

Driving the car as it is now has reminded how much I missed driving a lowered car. I don’t care if it’s completely impractical, it just feels awesome driving a car that’s inches from the road surface!

I managed to take a quick shot outside the Co-Operative bank in Stockport last night which came out pretty well. I definitely need to go down there with a few other cars to get a bit of a photo shoot together.

You can view the full size picture on my Flickr



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