The Road (and Train) to Meihan: a Visit to…

While I was at Tokyo Auto Salon I’d been tipped off about a small drift event that would be taking place at Meihan the following Wednesday, organised by the N-Style crew (Naoki Nakamura etc.). The only problem was that the weather forecast was predicting heavy snow, so I held off making any travel plans until the day before so as to ensure that the weather wouldn’t be too extreme.

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TAS 2018 Liberty Walk STREET

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 Pt2: the Show

If you’ve been reading Tokyo Auto Salon coverage on other sites up to this point, you’ve probably read plenty of hyperbole regarding the event and Japan as a country itself. Yes, TAS bombards your senses with more than enough sights and sounds to keep your brain preoccupied for a week or so and yes, Japan will always be an awe-inspiring country for travelling Westerners but I don’t want to focus on either of those topics in this post. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Japan a handful of times in the last few years and, if there’s one trait that stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to understanding and appreciating car culture in this country, it’s the attitude of Japanese car enthusiasts.

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Old & New 997 STREET

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 Pt1: an Old & New…

First of all, apologies for the delay in getting any substantial Tokyo Auto Salon coverage up on the blog as of late. The week after the show was spent in Japan travelling to additional events and locations, while my time since landing back in the UK has been spent catching up on the ten days of STL/326POWER UK work I lost due to the trip. Nevertheless, it’s time to get some words and photos together and it feels good to do so.

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