RANDOM: My Civic

Time to post an obligatory “car in the snow” picture. I took this last night around midnight as I was running to my car, thankfully the snow wasn’t as bad as it looked like it was going to be. Manchester’s got off pretty lightly compared to most places!

(Excuse the crappy iPhone pic)


BUILDS: My Civic

Well my car has finally succumbed to it’s current speed bump scraping status. On the way out of the Trafford Centre the other night I had to negotiate two bumps that were roughly the size of the Himalayas. Despite doing so at a solid 2mph, I’ve still fucked my central exhaust hanger-doer, which means it’s now blowing harder than (insert porn star name here).

I’ll have to jack it up and have a look when I get a chance, but if it’s seriously buggered then I think that counts as a valid excuse for a new exhaust! 😀

You can kind of see the issue in this pic…hopefully it holds up for the next few days! (Excuse the iPhone pic).


RANDOM: eBay Specials

Well my phone beeped a few minutes ago to remind me that the auction for these was finishing in a couple of minutes…to be honest I’d completely forgotten I was watching them and I when I saw that there weren’t any bids I thought I might as well take a pop.

Genuine BBS’ from a BMW E30. They’re in dire need of a major refurb and will undoubtedly need new tyres…but who’s complaining for £50!?


RANDOM: Cherry Popping Post

Well here it is, my first post. I’ve been doing the whole Tumblr thing until recently but have decided to step up the game by running my own site!

For my first post I’m just gonna stick a couple of old pics up that highlight some of the reasons why I love car culture so much.

First up is this pic from when I was fitting my coilovers with my mate Andy. This pic pretty much sums up how (in my mind) things should be done: your mate’s driveway, a few cups of tea and a cig in mouth. Two and a half hours later we were finished and scraping our way into the nearest McDonalds drive-thru, happy days.

This next pic was an impromptu roadside shot taken in the snow that covered the UK the other week. While the weather here may be unpredictable at the best of times, it can give some great photo opportunities!