Driftworks Hilux TRACK

Driftworks Hilux feat. MX5

There are so many theoretically crazy builds out there. I say  theoretically because plenty of them still exist (and will always exist) in an unfinished state, waiting for those precious moments of effort to finish off that wiring loom, fabricate those engine mounts or even fit the bodywork. Many of these projects get passed around and are sold on in their respective unfinished states until someone either pulls their finger and gets the job done, or pulls everything apart to sell the individual components to live a more fruitful life elsewhere.

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Drift Matsuri AE86s TRACK

Drift Matsuri at Anglesey Circuit

I can’t remember which year the annual Anglesey Drift Matsuri event started (I’m thinking maybe 2013?) but I know that I’ve been to every single one since its inception. I’ve also only ever driven at two of them which, if it was any other event, would be quite frustrating. In the case of Drift Matsuri though, it’s quite the opposite. The weekend is an ideal end of season wind down and social event, where a lot of people come to finish off their cars for the year and enjoy the party atmosphere.

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Rockingham E36 STREET

Danny’s Pick n’ Mix E36

Sometimes you spot a car that is that little bit different and yet so so right. I’m used to seeing everything from wild S-bodies plastered in fibreglass and tribal graphics to VAGs polished to within an inch of their lives so, usually when I come across something that really excites me, it’s because it has one or two small little touches that set the car apart from the rest (without screaming and shouting about it). This was the case with Danny Coker’s E36 that I spotted at Rockingham the weekend before last. I was immediately drawn to it and had to go in for a closer look.

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