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HM-Sports E36 Roof Spoilers Restocked!

The demand for HM-Sports E36 Coupe & Saloon Roof Spoilers is so high that we often struggle to keep enough stock on the shelves. However, we’ve just had a big restock of both roof spoiler types and now both are available for immediate dispatch! Worldwide shipping is available and you can buy yours from the STL! shop here.

Lewis AE86 F20C TRACK

AE86 with S2000 Heart at STL!3

The Wednesday before any STL! event at Driftland kicks off is always an interesting day. Due to the long distances most drivers and their friends are having to travel, arriving in plenty of time ensures lots of spare hours for hanging out and checking out cars. One of the first such drivers to arrive at STL!3 was Lewis Noakes with his F20C-powered AE86, which I quickly snapped a few photos of before getting back to event setup duties.

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RAYS VOLK TE37SL Have Landed

Continuing the expansion of the STL! shop and improving the variety of brands that we can supply has been a major priority of mine over the last few months. As a result, it’s been great to see various customers taking advantage of the ease and transparency with which we can supply brand new wheels from Japan; one such customer recently invested in a set of RAYS VOLK’s infamous 1-piece forged TE37SLs that arrived at our office the other week.

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