Alex’s Birthday Party at Buxton Raceway!

Most of the birthday parties that I’ve been to over the last few years have comprised copious of amounts of alcohol, extremely loud music and a massive hangover the following morning. This one, however, was a little different! Thanks to his girlfriend’s organisation and her harassing us all to come (joking!) we found ourselves at Buxton Raceway for a private drift day in celebration of Alex Law’s birthday.

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In The Unit

I knew my exhaust was blowing, but the other night it became a lot worse and definitely needed sorting urgently. Unfortunately for me, my car is so low that I can’t actually jack it up high enough to get my head underneath, so fixing the exhaust in this way was going to be impossible! Fortunately, my friend Jake has an awesome unit with a pit which was an absolute lifesaver, so off I went to have a poke around underneath my car and check out the unit.

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Blad Behaviour

On The Skids

To save people’s blushes I won’t go into too much detail in this post. To put it briefly, a few of the local skidders decided to try something different and take things back to basics; a big car park, a couple of cones and an emphasis on accuracy! Considering some of the cars that turned up are normally seen doing 60mph plus entries (on track, of course…) while abusing the handbrake, it was quite amusing to watch them in such a basic environment. Obviously because of the lack of lighting and in an attempt at keeping the cars fairly anonymous the pictures aren’t exactly crystal clear, but I’ll use the excuse “they’re arty”!

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Pop-up headlights, that is. Not the ones that you get on the internet advertising online poker or viagra. Here a just a few of ¬†Garage Southern Style’s cars from Awesomefest a few months ago…I think they like S13s!? Good thing they’re all epic.


Stockport Meet

Things have been pretty quiet recently, but I managed to get myself down to the local Stockport meet the other night. The variety of cars was as great as always, and as always I forgot to bring my tripod, so apologies for some of the pictures!

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