British Drift Championship: Round 4, Lydden Hill in 35mm

Having seen a select few photographers experimenting with 35mm film and drifting in recent times I thought the Lydden Hill round of the BDC would be a perfect opportunity to try it out for myself. I dug my dad’s old 1970s Pentax out of the loft, stuck a roll of film in it and had some fun! The camera itself is in a far from perfect condition so I will attribute that (along with a complete lack of experience) to some of the questionable results. Nevertheless, I think all of the pictures are definitely interesting to look at and are a stark contrast to the crystal clear digital pictures that we see on the internet day in, day out.

They’re a little rough around the edges (literally), especially as I chose to just have the colour negatives devloped rather than the full prints, meaning each one had to be scanned in individually with the colour then being added to them afterwards. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun and a challenge to try and get some decent results.

I’ve still got a few more 35mm pictures to upload and post but as it’s now 2am and I have to be up in a few hours time to head to Leeds Festival I think I’d best leave it there for now…see you in a few days!