I loved my FC3S, don’t get me wrong. The feeling I got when driving that car was like no other and the attention it drew was incredible. Unfortunately, the petrol bills and various other running costs were equally as outlandish and this is ultimately what stopped me using the car for what I intended to use it for – drifting. As the FC took up its new residence on my drive I needed something else to get my drifting kicks; something fairly cheap to run and slightly practical with lots of skidability while still looking cool.

It didn’t take me long to pick up this E36 off my mate Gaz (whose slammed E46 was the subject of my first feature on this site which you can read here) and so far it seems to fit the bill perfectly.

Lowered on Jamex coilovers and paired with BMW Style 5 wheels the stance is pretty good – nothing extreme but it still looks cool while retaining usability.

Other exterior improvements include the clear indicator lenses front and rear along with the M3 front bumper and fog lights.

On the inside modifications are limited but effective: a Nardi Deep Corn and dildo shifter are paired with the comfier and more supportive Subaru seats.

On the limit the FC3S was a pretty lairy thing to deal with. In comparison, this E36 is almost tame. While it may be lacking a few horsepower in comparison (and not forgetting a turbo) it is an absolute joy to drive and it feels very progressive and intuitive when drifting.

Most importantly (to me) though are its running costs. Taking the FC to a drift event would result in a gigantic petrol bill just for getting there and back, let alone how much it’d use on the track. At least with a reasonable 25-30mpg average being given by the 2.5 litre straight six I can actually afford to go to various events and improve my skills, and right now that is what matters most to me.



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