The time had come: after weeks/months of faffing around, waiting for parts and a number of excuses of varying credibility it was time to drop an SR20 into Jonny’s previously CA18’d, automatic S13. If you remember my previous post on this car, you’ll know that Jonny’s last S13 was involved in an altercation with Buxton’s infamous Ring of Steel. As the damage to the shell was beyond repair a re-shell was required and the car you see here is currently in the process of undergoing that extremely time consuming and laborious job.

Once the suspension components, interior and various other modifications had been transferred over from the now deceased car the next job was the convert the new shell from an automatic setup to a manual one.

Once the driver’s side footwell was sporting the magic third pedal it was time to replace the CA18 with the SR20 out of the old ’13. Obviously this wasn’t going to be a quick job so being the professionals we are we set to work at the heady hour of…4pm, each of us sporting hangovers of varying intensity.

Once we’d pushed the car into place it was time to get the SR onto the engine crane and over the engine bay ready for the heart transplant. As you can probably tell from his facial expression in the picture below, the thought of maneuvering the crane didn’t seem like such a great prospect to Tom.

Pained facial expressions aside, we managed to get the engine hovering in what was basically the right position before starting its descent into the engine bay.

Despite what it may look like, we weren’t using Jonny as a human jack. He was in fact guiding the gearbox into the transmission tunnel from below.

We were making brilliant progress until birthday girl (and the cause of all of our hangovers) Gabbie arrived to show off her birthday present…which could only be described as a dancing “thing” that wobbled along to whatever music was being played at the time.

Guys, if you’re looking for something to keep your 22 year old girlfriend entertained for months on end, look no further.

Gabbie’s Saxo is actually one of a handful that I actually really like, although the state of the interior has to be seen to be believed. Clothes? Check. Empty pizza boxes? Check. I could go on…

…but I’ll let her off due to the sticker on the windscreen. Representing!

Sam also showed up in his awesome AE86, one of a handful of cool cars that he owns.

Jonny’s dad certainly seemed impressed by the cool little Hachiroku.

Back to the matter at hand and somehow the SR had successfully found itself into the ’13’s engine bay, result!

Unfortunately at this point I had to dash home so wasn’t able to take any more photos of the work that was completed afterwards but it’s only a matter of time before this S13 is back on the road. Stay tuned for a full feature when that is the case.



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