After all of the commotion of the first round of the BDC just a couple of weeks before I was kind of hoping for a little break from drifting. Those hopes quickly vanished after an early morning text from Car Loan 4U driver Joe Ankers informing me that he was on his way to Buxton and wondered if I’d be coming along. After making sure the weather forecast wasn’t reading “torrential downpours” like it did last time I ventured up to the Ring of Steel, I thought it’d be worth a visit. So much for a break, eh?

As I crossed the Cat & Fiddle and neared Buxton I couldn’t believe it – the sun was out! The track has tended to suffer from its own micro climate over the years but this time mother nature had thankfully granted it a day off and allowed it to enjoy the good weather with everyone else.

As I turned up Joe was already there along with fellow Welshman Chris Bates and his ever problematic 180SX. Alex also turned up later on his S14a but, having depleted his tyre supplies down at Lydden Hill just a couple of weeks ago, he was going to be spending the day lifestyling and shouting abuse/encouragement.

Nice to see the sticker placed rather prominently…!

As always, a chilled day of skids is never without its problems: Chris’ turbo being the first fatality…

…shortly followed by Joe’s Onevia. A snapped offset rack spacer resulted in his wheel shearing through a braided brake line leaving him with no brakes – not really an issue you want to have when you’ve got to drive the car back home. I gave Joe a lift to pick up some new braided brake lines that evening; a trip that also included a roast dinner, a night out in Manchester and a very bleary eyed Sunday morning. Drifting: always unpredictable.

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