Drift Outlaws Birmingham Wheels

While BDC was on at Anglesey I decided to pop down the road to the much closer and less windy Birmingham Wheels to catch the action at the final round of the Drift Outlaws series. The championship requires cars that adhere to the strict safety standards that have become the norm nowadays, although the events themselves are run more like practice days with a competition thrown in for good measure. In short, this results in a lot of seat time and good fun.

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The STL PS13 – RIP

My PS13 didn’t have the longest of lives – while I thoroughly enjoyed throwing it around on track I really dreaded using it on the road at all and it became a toy that only came out the workshop to be used on track. This isn’t the way I envisaged my time with the car to be like, so unfortunately I have decided to part it out. Pretty much everything is available – check out the list below. For more info on any specific parts, please email me on ali@ej9.co.uk. Click on the part names to see photos of them. I’ll be adding more pictures shorty.

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Teesside International Circuit – May Bank Holiday

Firstly, apologies for the lack of thorough blog posts recently. I’ve been determined to get more seat time as of late which means most of my free time is spent spannering, while all of my time at the track is taken up by either driving or fixing the car. Moving cities recently also hasn’t helped but, so long as you’ll forgive the inclusion of photos taken on a phone as opposed to ones taken solely a proper camera (as well as the odd one or two from other photographers), I’d like to try and rejuvenate the blog a bit.

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It’s all well and good paying someone else to build an engine for you…but then you wouldn’t have the satisfaction of dropping in all those shiny forged parts that you’d spent every last penny that you own on. If you’re going to live on nothing but bread, pasta and Pot Noodles for a month, you might as well get something out of it.