2014 > 2015

I’ve just had a look through my previous posts and it looks like I started this thing back in December 2010. For just over four years I’ve been haphazardly wielding a couple of cameras, pointing them at cool cars and throwing together some words about them. Why do I continue to do it? I ask myself that question every time I’m sat there editing photos at 3am, scratching my eyes and wondering who on earth will even bother to read what I’m about to write about them.

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Laid to Rest

The BollySwag PS13 is currently undergoing a makeover for 2015. Max promises that things are about to get much wilder – please bear in mind this thing already has Lambo doors and a Big Country Labs wing.

Welcome Back

Anyone who’s owned Nissan S-body for a few years (or at least, any temperamental drift car) will know the familiar feelings all too well. Months of slaving away in all weather conditions seems like a pointless waste of time and effort as you cobble together your project. But then you finally get to drive it on the road for the first time in months and that other familiar feeling comes rushing back. That feeling that makes your mind yell “fuck yeah!” as you forget all about the hardship and financial ruin you’ve put yourself through to reach this point.

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Superstyle Garage

My good buddy Mo off of Superstyle Garage has taken the plunge to pursue his dream and push his creativity further by setting up full time. Give his Facebook page a Like and check out some of his work – I can personally recommend his S-body knuckles having tested them to destruction at Finalboss Matsuri!