Box Social

Alex’s S14a having had a fresh gearbox fitted in preparation for next weekend’s BDC round at Knockhill. The previous gearbox exploded while he was crawling through town the other week; not ideal.


The other day I picked up a pretty tidy PS13 shell from Luke that I’ll eventually be reshelling my current car into. I’ve got a lot of work to do to get it ready but here’s a shot of it next to Max’s PS after he’d spent a long night drinking beers and tubbing my arches while I tried to avoid him cutting my foot off with his angle grinder. All part of the fun…!

35mm x JZX110

35mm shot of Phil Morrison’s JZX110 parked up at Trax, Silverstone.

Out In the Wild

Yesterday the Bollyswag PS13 saw fresh air for the first time since I can remember. There’s just a few small jobs to finish off and then it can make a bid for freedom.

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