Japfest 2013 (Part 1)

I hadn’t been to Japfest since 2011 – come to think of it, that was probably the last time I actually went to a car show. With so many grassroots drifting events to enjoy (not to mention the BDC) shows have taken a back seat in my priorities list of late but Japfest is always worth a visit.

The day started with a 2.15am wake up call and a 3am set off time with the Car Loan 4U guys; considering that 3am would usually be the time I decide to head to bed on a Sunday morning, I wasn’t exactly feeling enthusiastic about the day ahead…

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Japfest 2013

This year’s Japfest was awesome fun. I’ll upload all of my pictures and a write-up from the day shortly but for now enjoy this incredible AE86 that was on one of the show stands.


British Summer Time

Today marks the start of BST, or British Summer Time for those living outside of the UK. In other words, it meant I lost an hour’s sleep last night, spent the whole day walking around in shorts (despite the tepid temperature) and reminisced about past summers.

Here’s a shot of Rich Hudson throwing it down at Mallory Park back in the summer of 2011 which, looking back at it, was a great time for drifting in the UK. As each day passes it’s looking less and less likely that we’ll ever be able to drift at Mallory again thanks to the over-sensitive local residents, but by signing this government petition you can do your bit to let the powers that be know what we really think.


A Visit to Protuner

As mentioned in my previous post, I found myself at Protuner on Friday in order to collect the Japspeed Impreza and take it down to Lydden Hill that night with Ste and Josh. While proprietor Greg Gush busied himself with mapping Paul Smith’s 1JZ powered S15 I thought it’d be rude not to have a look around.

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A Trip to Top Gear Stockport

Since getting my S13 back on the road I was starting to discover the biggest pitfall of having a 3″ exhaust system over the 2.25″ system that I used to run: ground clearance. I point blank refused to raise the car on a permanent basis, so I needed a slight bit of remedial work to the rear of the system in order to make scraping an every now and then occurrence, as opposed to it being an almost constant problem. I went to see Craig at Top Gear Stockport, not only because he’s based just a few miles down the road but because his welding skills are second to none.

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