326POWER Yabaking 1-Piece SHOP NEWS

326POWER Yabaking 1-Piece Wheel Arrival

This set of Yabaking 1-Piece wheels has just arrived from 326POWER Japan and will be heading straight back out the door to a UK customer. Measuring 18×9.5J-2 and painted in Mitsuru Green with Polished lips, I can’t wait to see these fitted.

If you’re interested in a set of Yabaking 1-Piece wheels for your own car, most size and colour combinations are held in stock in Japan and can be supplied to Street Track Life customers in the UK and Europe within a couple of weeks of placing your order.

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STL Mechanics Gloves SHOP NEWS

DRIVE HARDER! Mechanics Gloves Now Available

I’m the worst when it comes to not wearing gloves when putting in work on my car. As a result, my hands are almost always covered in a thin layer of oil and blood, along with a smattering of cuts and bruises. To try and put a stop to this, I’m proud to introduce the new STL! Drive Harder! Mechanics Gloves. You can find more info on them and get your own pair in the Street Track Life Shop!

STL Mechanics Gloves

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STREET TRACK LIFE Windscreen Stickers

STREET TRACK LIFE Windscreen Stickers have now been added to the shop! Printed on two layers of high quality vinyl (white on black), they measure 975mm in length and 120mm tall, making them perfect for front or rear windscreens or even side skirts. If you’re fitting one to your windscreen though, just make sure you stick it on straight so it doesn’t end up looking like mine…

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