Fresh Out the Oven: Nissan 5×1 Driveshaft Spacers

I’ve just stocked up on a fresh batch of Nissan 5×1 Driveshaft Spacers which are available now through the store. Remember these are designed and manufactured here in Manchester, UK and are supplied with extremely high quality nuts and bolts. Reduce the chance of driveshaft failure on your Nissan  – go lower, drive harder.



STL!/BollySwag Driveshaft Spacers

For the last four years I’ve kept this blog running with snapshots into the modified car scene that I deal with on a daily basis. While my focus may have shifted over the years, I still like to think that I’m doing this for the same reasons that I started out for.

However, I’ve decided that now is the time to shake things up a little. Yes, you can still expect to see grainy photos of drift cars in action on the streets late at night, event coverage and glimpses into life in the workshop but I will also be offering a little more.


Being around other people’s drift cars for the last few years (while also slaving over my own) has resulted in plenty of discoveries and shortcomings with various components, be they OEM or aftermarket. Some of the answers to these issues have been rather specialist, with the end result being a bespoke fix as opposed to an off-the-shelf solution. It’s my goal to make some of these solutions more easily available to users that don’t have access to specialist machinery or friends in the know.


First up is the Nissan S/R-body driveshaft spacers that you see above. I won’t bore you with the details – if you want to read more, head over to the STL! store here. These are designed for those that like to slam their Nissans and drive them to the brink of death, without breaking driveshafts along the way. Limited quantities available to begin with but more will become available very shortly.

More products will be being designed and manufactured shortly but, don’t worry if you only visit this blog to check out cool cars; the focus is still very much on idiots in shonky Nissans held together with cable ties and hopes & dreams.


Sticker Re-Stock

I finally got round to re-stocking on stickers: the STREET!TRACK!LIFE! items are now dual layer and feature a black outline, while the STL! slap-on sticker is a new design. Both available from the store here:

photo 1

photo 2


Sticker Re-Stock

I finally stocked up on stickers again – I’ve got the classis purple on pink design back in along with the new STREET!TRACK!LIFE! design in plain white. Both are available from the online store.

SHOP NEWS Stickers Are Here!

The first (small) batch of stickers arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with them. Made from high quality layered vinyl they’re extremely durable and look great due to the vibrant colour combination.

You can pick them up from our online store here:

SHOP NEWS Sticker Sample

It’s taken a while to reach this stage due to various complications, having trouble with sticker suppliers and a whole other load of issues, but at long last I finally have some samples of what will hopefully be the sticker. Personally I’m very happy with them but have asked for everyone’s opinions on the Facebook page, just in case people feel some changes are necessary. When everyone’s happy and I have a decent quantity of them in stock, they’ll be available from the Online Store.