Destroy or Die PS13 STREET

Destroy or Die: Dan’s PS13

Now I think about it, Dan of Destroy or Die couldn’t have built a more suitable car to represent his company’s name. His PS13 has lived a long and somewhat difficult life but, since Dan’s rebuild and recent addition of an SR20, this Silvia is experiencing a new lease of life (I so nearly used the phrase “Die Another Day” but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Too obvious). These are some photos I took at STL 2 at Driftland back in July.

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Sukhy C35 STREET

Sukhy’s C35 at STL 2

And I thought my C33 was a pretty large car to be throwing around! Sukhy drove his C35 up from the Midlands to Driftland in Scotland for STL 2 and spent the whole of Friday chucking his RB25 powered Laurel around the hugely enjoyable circuit. I had a bit of a nosey around his car while he was wandering around the pits somewhere, so check them out below.

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Flip Paint S13 STREET

Japanese Performance Show

As I mentioned in a previous post, I headed down to the Japanese Performance Show in Coventry on a bit of a whim the other weekend to see what was what with the Japanese aftermarket scene nowadays. While said Japanese cars might be my preferred segment of the modified car scene in general, I typically find myself sticking within the drifting partition and not paying too much attention to the show and track segments. I feel I should start spreading my attention more to help me fully appreciate what other enthusiasts are up to.

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