STL, 2017 Edition

If 2016 was a year of stress and excitement for Street Track Life, 2017 was a year of frustration. I’m still here soldiering on but there have been some serious bumps along the way behind the scenes.

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Y32 Cedric

An Update on Cedric

I’ve not posted anything substantial about my Nissan Cedric since August 2016 (see that post here) so I felt it was time I brought everyone up to speed now that I’ve been posting more photos of him (I’ve never been able to refer to the Cedric as “it”, only “him”…I know, I know) as of late.

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Ultimate Stance 2017 Bosozoku Sunny

Ultimate Stance 2017

Ultimate Stance isn’t the sort of event I’d normally find myself at. In all honesty, I very rarely attend anything car related that isn’t a drift event or the occasional meet. While I can appreciate why some people might not enjoy indoor shows, I feel it’s a bit short-sighted of us (myself included) to limit our appreciation of our varying native car scenes. When you only surround yourself with people who are into one thing and one thing only, it’s all too easy to get tunnel vision and begin to struggle to appreciate the work of others that really does deserve some acknowledgement.

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Dave R32

Dave’s Nice & Simple R32

You might notice that there’s a “simple but effective” theme when it comes to the cars I generally tend to feature here. That’s not really a coincidence; these are often my favourite kind of builds and I find myself naturally attracted to them when I see the cars out and about.

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Rockingham E36

Danny’s Pick n’ Mix E36

Sometimes you spot a car that is that little bit different and yet so so right. I’m used to seeing everything from wild S-bodies plastered in fibreglass and tribal graphics to VAGs polished to within an inch of their lives so, usually when I come across something that really excites me, it’s because it has one or two small little touches that set the car apart from the rest (without screaming and shouting about it). This was the case with Danny Coker’s E36 that I spotted at Rockingham the weekend before last. I was immediately drawn to it and had to go in for a closer look.

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