Destroy or Die PS13 STREET

Destroy or Die: Dan’s PS13

Now I think about it, Dan of Destroy or Die couldn’t have built a more suitable car to represent his company’s name. His PS13 has lived a long and somewhat difficult life but, since Dan’s rebuild and recent addition of an SR20, this Silvia is experiencing a new lease of life (I so nearly used the phrase “Die Another Day” but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Too obvious). These are some photos I took at STL 2 at Driftland back in July.

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Sukhy C35 STREET

Sukhy’s C35 at STL 2

And I thought my C33 was a pretty large car to be throwing around! Sukhy drove his C35 up from the Midlands to Driftland in Scotland for STL 2 and spent the whole of Friday chucking his RB25 powered Laurel around the hugely enjoyable circuit. I had a bit of a nosey around his car while he was wandering around the pits somewhere, so check them out below.

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