Flip Paint S13 STREET

Japanese Performance Show

As I mentioned in a previous post, I headed down to the Japanese Performance Show in Coventry on a bit of a whim the other weekend to see what was what with the Japanese aftermarket scene nowadays. While said Japanese cars might be my preferred segment of the modified car scene in general, I typically find myself sticking within the drifting partition and not paying too much attention to the show and track segments. I feel I should start spreading my attention more to help me fully appreciate what other enthusiasts are up to.

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Tooley Rocket Bunny S15 STREET

Garage 21 Rocket Bunny S15: Tooley gets Yabaking’d

On Sunday I found myself at the Japanese Performance show in Coventry which, to be honest, felt like a bit of a welcome break considering pretty much every event I go to nowadays is drifting-related. I’ll post up a photo dump from the show shortly but, in the meantime, here are some photos I took of James Tooley‘s Garage21 S15 during an impromptu photo shoot after the event had finished.

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v8illuminati Meet STREET

v8illuminati Church Summer Meet

Once again, I’ve falllen behind with blog updates. I wish I could keep on top of these posts and publish them as soon as events and meets have taken place but, due to the sheer number of entries needing to be posted recently, along with the amount of time it takes to put these together, I’ve been left on the back foot. I apologise for the lack of updates but I will be powering through over the next couple of weeks or so to catch up!

First up, the v8illuminati meet in Stockport last month. Held at the garage best known as “The Church” where a few of my friends work on their cars, the guys decided to make the most of the sizeable car park out front and invite a group of both old and new friends for a chilled Sunday afternoon.

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