A Night Out with the Boys

I’m really lucky in that I’m surrounded by modified car culture pretty much all the time. From driving such cars every single day to hanging out with friends all the time, there is a constant flow of things to see and photograph. The day after the P10 Primera afternoon that I wrote about in my last post, I was leading a train of MX5s in the middle of the night to a potential stunt spot that we found on Google Maps (while secretly wishing I wasn’t in a FWD car for this particular evening).

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A P10 Primera Afternoon

The other day the driver’s side window mechanism on my P10 Primera decided to fail, causing the window to drop down into the door quite significantly. Of course, this is the UK, so it was raining very heavily at the time. After propping it back in place with some cardboard and securing it with some duct tape, I got in touch with the one man who would have the spares that I needed…

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