Crazy Taxi

Another shot of Bon Bon’s awesome Mark II sitting pretty at Lydden Hill the other week.


Jonny’s S13 chilling at Anglesey.

Primary Colours

Another shot of that super cool SIl80 from the first Anglesey drift day.

Car Loan 4U Drift Team Unveiling

It’s always great to see your friends doing well, but when it’s a major sponsorship deal for a sport that they dedicate themselves to, it’s especially humbling. My good buddies Alex Law, Joe Ankers and Matt Samuel (formerly known as SkidRoh) are now the Car Loan 4U Drift Team, and I spent a day with the guys last week as they went to collect their cars from being vinyl wrapped to hang out, talk skid cars and eat a lot of pizza.

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Sweeps’ AE86

As the number of drifters continues to rise within the UK, demand is higher than ever for organised practiced days and competitions. With the organisation of an event comes a great deal of hard work and hassle; something a limited number of people are willing to put up with. Imagine then, trying to organise and run the UK’s biggest drift championship, finish your project car and then, on top of that, trying to get a bit of time behind the wheel yourself. Welcome to the world of Mark “Sweeps” Buckle, a man who has not only been at helm of the British Drift Championship since its inception in 2008, but also in charge of the spanners when it came to putting together this incredible AE86 (a build that started way back in 2007). Oh, and he can skid pretty good as well…

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Phil Morrison’s JZX110

While visiting Protuner on Friday afternoon I came across a number of cool cars, but one that stood out in particular was Phil Morrison’s JZX110 Mark II. Being what is quite possibly the only JZX110 IR-V in the UK it is hardly something that can be described as a common sight, so I took a few minutes to have a poke around. Despite it missing the recently imported Vertex aero kit that was fitted not so long ago it still had a serious┬ápresence┬áto it – no doubt helped by the menacing custom rear arch work. Phil recently put the car up for sale but I hope that it doesn’t change hands to soon, purely for the fact that I want to see this thing getting the abuse it so rightly deserves beforehand.

You can read more about the car on Phil’s build thread on the Driftworks forum.