A Trip to Top Gear Stockport

Since getting my S13 back on the road I was starting to discover the biggest pitfall of having a 3″ exhaust system over the 2.25″ system that I used to run: ground clearance. I point blank refused to raise the car on a permanent basis, so I needed a slight bit of remedial work to the rear of the system in order to make scraping an every now and then occurrence, as opposed to it being an almost constant problem. I went to see Craig at Top Gear Stockport, not only because he’s based just a few miles down the road but because his welding skills are second to none.

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Damage Control

Joe Ankers popped over to Manchester this weekend for a number of important reasons. One was to celebrate Harley’s 19th birthday, and the other was to get the rear quarter damage repaired on his beloved PS13 Onevia.

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Summertime Funtime 2012 – Street Drifting Segment

Despite my best intentions, I can’t see me finishing my video (which contains all of my footage from last year) any time soon. In the meantime though, I thought I’d throw together the section that most people were waiting for – enjoy.


Purple Haze

I was having a sort through my hard drive this afternoon and came across this picture of Struggle’s S14 (commonly nicknamed the “Purple Twat”) that I never got round to editing after the brief ‘shoot I did with the car when it was fresh from its winter 2012 makeover. As you probably know the car has since met its demise and an S13 is in the works to replace it…