Christmas Shenanigans

You’ve opened all of your presents, ate far too much turkey and nodded off in front of the telly watching Chicken Run/The Great Escape/any other traditional Christmas film (101 Dalmatians is a classic in my eyes). You’ve got a drift car parked outside with fresh rubber and a bunch of local likeminded individuals all sat at home just as bored as you. So what do you do?

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R33 x 4

You don’t get to see many four door R33s these days, especially ones as cool as this one that I saw parked up at Trax. I believe this example belongs to Team Rampstyle’s Brad “SmileyBrad” Wallbank’s girlfriend and is on air ride – a pretty cool setup indeed.


Some more pics of Driftworks’ main man Phil Morrison’s JZX110 parked up in front of the Maxxis truck at Trax, Silverstone shortly after being mapped at Protuner.

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JAE 2013 X Finalboss.

Following on from my previous post, I headed down to JAE in Kettering on Friday morning after frantically throwing the car back together, chucking some food and a tent in the boot and hoping for the best. The plan was to meet the Finalboss guys on their stand, dump my S13 behind their much more aesthetically pleasing cars and enjoy a chilled out weekend of beer(s) and barbecue(s). After dumping the car as planned it was time to make a start on the afternoon beverages before taking a stroll of the show…

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Wallpaper Monday – Ezza at JAE

This weekend just gone I finally made it to JAE after years of promising myself that I would go. I’ll post up a more detailed write-up along with the rest of my pics very soon (as well as my pictures from Trax) but for now here’s the first downloaded wallpaper I’ve offered in a while. Click here to download the full resolution version of Ezza’s Finalboss S14.