v8illuminati Meet STREET

v8illuminati Church Summer Meet

Once again, I’ve falllen behind with blog updates. I wish I could keep on top of these posts and publish them as soon as events and meets have taken place but, due to the sheer number of entries needing to be posted recently, along with the amount of time it takes to put these together, I’ve been left on the back foot. I apologise for the lack of updates but I will be powering through over the next couple of weeks or so to catch up!

First up, the v8illuminati meet in Stockport last month. Held at the garage best known as “The Church” where a few of my friends work on their cars, the guys decided to make the most of the sizeable car park out front and invite a group of both old and new friends for a chilled Sunday afternoon.

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STL 2 at Driftland

Ten months or so after our last pilgrimage to Driftland in Fife, Scotland, it was time to do it all again for STL 2. In the immediate aftermath of the previous two days of drifting that I had organised at the venue, there was huge demand from everyone involved to do it all again. Before they knew it I’d booked out the track for another two days, albeit in the more summery month of July in the hope of better weather than last year’s September rain.

The ethos remained the same as last time: a small group of friends and friends of friends gathering for two days of relaxed open pitlane fun with no pressure and nothing to worry about other than keeping your car on the black stuff (in hindsight, quite a few people failed at this).

Compared to other large drift events that Driftland host (or have hosted) such as Finalboss, Awesomeboss and the BDC, the purpose of STL isn’t to attract large numbers of spectators through the gates, which is why I refrain from making a fuss about the event dates in the run up to the big day(s). This is purely a driver-focused event and, while anyone is more than welcome to come and watch the action, catering to members of the public is not the overall goal.

It might not seem like it to some but, when you’re trying to focus on improving your driving and keeping your car working, having large numbers of spectators enquiring about your drift car, asking for passenger rides or merely milling around the pits can be quite intimidating at times. This is something I wanted to avoid with STL.

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Alex Low Origin Fitment STREET

STL x LOW ORIGIN iPhone Wallpaper

I took this shot of Alex’s Low Origin S14 at the previously mentioned v8illuminati meet. I thought it’d make a pretty cool iPhone wallpaper, so click here to download the high resolution version of the photo to use on your phone.

Alex Low Origin Fitment

Burnout City STREET

Burnout City: v8illuminati Meet

I don’t even really need to give this meet an introduction, simply take a look at the video below to see what it was all about! I’ll post some photos from this particular evening shortly.


Paul S14a STREET

An S14 with Something New

When it comes to the S14, a chassis that has been modified by countless people around the world for the last two decades, it can be quite hard to stand out from the crowd. If you’re not building a car for competition drifting use or following a strict “2001 style” build formula, the world is quite literally your oyster when it comes to choosing which aesthetic route to take with your car. While it features many quintessential S14 elements, Paul’s S14a that was on display at the British Drift Championship yesterday had a unique trick up its sleeve.

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