Progress on the STL P10

It’s been a few months since I first posted about my recently purchased P10 Primera, my first foray into modifying a FWD car since my last EK Civic in 2011. In terms of the old adage of smiles per mile/per pound, it’s proven to be an absolute gem so far.

That’s not to say that P10 ownership has been without its problems but, in reality, you can’t own any 25 year old Nissan and not be prepared for some hiccups if you’re actually out there and using it.

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The Road (and Train) to Meihan: a Visit to…

While I was at Tokyo Auto Salon I’d been tipped off about a small drift event that would be taking place at Meihan the following Wednesday, organised by the N-Style crew (Naoki Nakamura etc.). The only problem was that the weather forecast was predicting heavy snow, so I held off making any travel plans until the day before so as to ensure that the weather wouldn’t be too extreme.

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