Zenki x Buxton

Mat Pickering’s Zenki S14 parked up at Buxton yesterday. Having spent most of the day on track in my own car it was interesting to ride shotgun in Mat’s and see how it felt with a full Geomaster setup – infinitely better would be an apt description.

Another Nissan in the Wall

This weekend saw another season of Buxton Weekenders kick off and for many it was chance to shake off the winter season cobwebs and get back out there. A few things may have changed since previous years but if there’s one thing that remains it’s the unforgiving nature of the aptly named Ring of Steel. Both myself and Luke made contact with it throughout the weekend to different degrees of severity but here’s a shot of his S14 before the fun and games began.

BDC Licensing Day at Teesside

I ended up at Teesside at the weekend for a bit of fun at the BDC Licensing Day there. It was a good chance to get some more seat time and Sweeps and Paul were kind enough to invite me along for the event. I headed up the M60, M6, M62 and M1 at the crack of dawn and met up with Luke at the local BP before we set up at the track.

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