R32 at Skid Risk

I was down at Skid Risk at Birmingham Wheels on Sunday, although for once I was behind the wheel and not a lens (for the most part, at least!). I had a great day and I’ll post some more pictures soon, but for now here is one of the nicer cars that was being drifted on the day. Well-used it may look but, having spent a few minutes having a look around it, it’s definitely a focused, well set up car with everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

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Castle Combe Assault: Joe’s Onevia at Japfest

Here’s a quick clip of Joe Ankers in his Car Loan 4U Onevia throwing down a run at Castle Combe last weekend during Japfest. Considering Joe only had around 220bhp available the Silvia wasn’t best suited to the power demanding layout of the circuit but he did himself proud despite this by ignoring his inhibitions and going balls out. Stay tuned for part two of my Japfest coverage in a few days time.

Japfest 2013 (Part 1)

I hadn’t been to Japfest since 2011 – come to think of it, that was probably the last time I actually went to a car show. With so many grassroots drifting events to enjoy (not to mention the BDC) shows have taken a back seat in my priorities list of late but Japfest is always worth a visit.

The day started with a 2.15am wake up call and a 3am set off time with the Car Loan 4U guys; considering that 3am would usually be the time I decide to head to bed on a Sunday morning, I wasn’t exactly feeling enthusiastic about the day ahead…

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Crazy Taxi

Another shot of Bon Bon’s awesome Mark II sitting pretty at Lydden Hill the other week.

Buxton Raceway, April 2013

After all of the commotion of the first round of the BDC just a couple of weeks before I was kind of hoping for a little break from drifting. Those hopes quickly vanished after an early morning text from Car Loan 4U driver Joe Ankers informing me that he was on his way to Buxton and wondered if I’d be coming along. After making sure the weather forecast wasn’t reading “torrential downpours” like it did last time I ventured up to the Ring of Steel, I thought it’d be worth a visit. So much for a break, eh?

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