Sweeps’ AE86

As the number of drifters continues to rise within the UK, demand is higher than ever for organised practiced days and competitions. With the organisation of an event comes a great deal of hard work and hassle; something a limited number of people are willing to put up with. Imagine then, trying to organise and run the UK’s biggest drift championship, finish your project car and then, on top of that, trying to get a bit of time behind the wheel yourself. Welcome to the world of Mark “Sweeps” Buckle, a man who has not only been at helm of the British Drift Championship since its inception in 2008, but also in charge of the spanners when it came to putting together this incredible AE86 (a build that started way back in 2007). Oh, and he can skid pretty good as well…

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A Visit to Protuner

As mentioned in my previous post, I found myself at Protuner on Friday in order to collect the Japspeed Impreza and take it down to Lydden Hill that night with Ste and Josh. While¬†proprietor Greg Gush busied himself with mapping Paul Smith’s 1JZ powered S15 I thought it’d be rude not to have a look around.

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Drift One at Angelsey

After the runaway success that was Angelsey’s first ever drift event back in November it was no surprise to see that, not only was another event at the track arranged almost immediately after, but it also sold out almost straight away as well (something that is rarely heard of, if at all, in the grassroots UK drifting scene). I was determined to take part this time round and bought myself a ticket but, woe and behold, my car wasn’t ready in time. Nevertheless, I made the trip down to Angelsey on Saturday afternoon and headed to local boy Joe Ankers’ house with the rest of the Manchester crew in preparation for the long Sunday ahead of us.

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