DRIFT CUP 2018 S15

DriftCup Round 2 at Three Sisters

Some years ago now (I honestly couldn’t tell you when), I was working at Japspeed/BDC Events and would constantly yap on about the dream of a proper nationwide grassroots drift series in the UK. At some point, after hurling around D1SL YouTube clips like they were going out of fashion, the foundations for DriftCup were laid by the powers that be and I was tasked with hastily filling a blank website with the philosophy for the championship and some loosely enforced rules.

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Drift Cup 2018 Three Sisters Video

Drift Cup 2018 Round 2 at Three Sisters Video

On Sunday I attended Round 2 of the Drift Cup championship, held at the Three Sisters circuit in Wigan. I’ll post up my photos from the event shortly but, in the meantime, here is my video footage from the day. I managed to film some of Sunday morning’s practice session, the first round of qualifying and all of the Top 32 battles. Apologies for moving around prior to the last few battles; the rain was really coming down hard and my camera was getting soaked.

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STREET TRACK LIFE Rockingham Meihan Low Origin

A Damp Day at Rockingham Meihan

If there’s been one recurring source of frustration for my 2018 so far, it’s been the weather. While the working week is often spent gazing out of my office window at the sunshine and wishing I could be working on my cars, pretty much every weekend of this year so far feels like it has been spoilt by rain or snow. Easter Monday was no exception, with the weather forecast predicting a 95% of torrential rain during another of Rockingham‘s Meihan style drift practice events.

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