VIDEO: MkIII Supra Burnout

Nothing beats a bit of rear wheel drive hooliganism! As I’ve said before, burnouts in a front wheel drive car are a massive fail, but if a rear wheel drive car’s involved then it’s a completely different story…enjoy!

VIDEO: South Mimms Honda Meet

You may remember my write-ups from the South Mimms Honda meet that was held last month (here and here). Looking back it really was one of the best (if not the best) meet I’ve ever been to, thanks to the friendly atmosphere and, more importantly, hundreds of clean Hondas! Vince Knight (whose video “Monster Unit 2” I posted a while back) has finally published his footage from the meet and it’s well worth a watch. He’s definitely managed to capture the amicable atmosphere and is making me look forward to the next South Mimms meet even more!

VIDEO: R33 Launching

I filmed this quite a while ago but never actually got round to posting it…here is an R33 Skyline GTR giving it some poke off the line. I was told that the car had around 550bhp; in other words, more than enough!

(Please note: this video was actually filmed on a closed private road. Thought I’d best post that before the road safety campaigners have a fit…!)

VIDEO: Monster Unit 2

I usually try to avoid posting anything that isn’t my own but in this case I am going to make an exception. This is the second Monster Unit video to be produced by Vince Knight and to say it’s impressive would be a bit of an understatement…

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