2011: The End of a Fantastic Year

Sitting here and looking at the yearly online traffic statistics for this website has left me feeling a number of emotions that really do sum up 2011 from my perspective. I started the year with a new year’s resolution: to dedicate as much time and effort as possible into ej9.co.uk and to hopefully make it moderately successful. While it may have had its up and downs and been hugely stressful at times, I can safely say that it was all worth it.

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Life On The Streets: Part Two

After hours upon hours of editing, censoring and yet more censoring, I’ve finally finished Part Two of the Life On The Streets series. In this segment the focus is street drifting which, for obvious reasons, is a bit of a sketchy topic to discuss. I think the less I say about the video, the better for all involved but…enjoy!

VIDEO: Life On The Streets: Part One

I know it’s not the video people are waiting for, but the other night I threw together some of my footage from various meets held throughout the summer to create what is the first of my Life On The Streets videos. I think the video really highlights the different scenes in car culture at the moment, with everything from slammed Volkswagens to huge-spec Skylines making up the high quality cars present at every meet. Enjoy!

If you’d rather view the video on YouTube, click here.

No Name Heroes

A long, long time ago I mentioned I was putting together a video focusing on the scene and car culture in general in my local area. After making a start on it a few months ago, I’ve decided to cut it down into separate segments. Today I made a start on the drifting footage (the trailer of which I posted here a while back. If you’re expecting massive entries on the English touge then don’t get your hopes up! The footage is pretty basic but is a good snapshot of how many drifters in the UK make the most out of their local area without disappearing into the mountains (or hills, should I say!).

Until I finish editing the video, here are some snapshots from the raw footage:

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I’m off on holiday for the next few days so I thought I’d get this all sorted before I disappear…enjoy!

(If you’d rather watch it on YouTube, click here).

Grassroots Drifting at Buxton Raceway

Unfortunately I never got to go to the South Mimms part 2 Honda meet but I made sure I spent my time doing something just as awesome…namely, spending two days at Buxton Raceway to watch the drifting action! Grassroots drifting is always a good laugh as the drivers are friendly, the cars are awesome and the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed than at events such as the British Drift Championship. You’re also able to go for passenger rides with some of the drivers, so big thanks to Joe in his Nissan S13 Onevia for taking me out for a couple of laps! More to come on Joe’s car later…

I never intended to record any footage but in the end some of the vantage spots I got in the middle of the track were too good for me not to film anything, so here’s a quick video of what went down on the Sunday during the Open Drift Championship:

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