STL 2: the Movie

Well…sort of. While I may have not releasedĀ a cinematic epic, what I have put together is 24 minutes of raw footage from the STL 2 event that I held at Driftland last month. Sit back and enjoy watching a bunch of mates in super cool cars having the best time on track with each other.

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STL 2 Low Origin

Low Origin S14 & S15 at STL 2 –…

I threw together a few clips of Alex and Dan from Low Origin in action at STL 2, Driftland the other week. I’m working on a full length video from the event but dealing with that much footage keeps causing my laptop to try and catch fire, which isn’t completely ideal. Stay tuned!

JZX90 ON-BOARD at STL 2 - Driftland

JZX90 ON-BOARD at STL 2 – Driftland

Apologies for the lack of updates recently; I’d been extremely hectic in the run up to last week’s STL 2 event at Driftland, the second drift event that I’ve organised in as many years. The event was an absolute blast as my friendsĀ from everywhere between the Northernmost parts of Scotland and the Southernmost parts of Kent descended on the Scottish venue for two days of relaxed drifting on Thursday and Friday. I’ll post a full event report and video very soon but, for now, here is a some raw on-board footage from Steveboiboi’s JZX90 Mark II during a Friday morning session at the event.

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