SR20-powered BMW E30 & Friends

Taylor Bloomfield came to visit our neck of the woods the other week to have his vinyl graphics fitted by Josh from Graphix-D. I had planned on a proper shoot with the car once it was completed but, considering how many of our friends were in attendance in their drift cars, things quickly got out of hand…


Low Origin Drive By

On the road with Low Origin last night. It felt great to have the time to do a proper photo shoot with two of my favourite S-bodies, along with getting buffeted by wind and rain so I could get some cool rolling shots. Stay tuned for a full feature very soon.

Backwards Entry Master VIDEOS

Backwards Entry Master: Kunihiko Teramachi

When I visited Meihan Sportsland back in September there was no end of D1 and Formula Drift Japan drivers laying it down in the expert class. However, there was one driver in particular who was consistently throwing down the biggest entries and closest wall runs, lap after lap. Kunihiko Teramachi was unstoppable in his PS13 practice car (the same car that he has previously won D1SL events in) and stole the show; it was mad to think that this was just a bit of simple mid-week practice for these guys. You’d struggle to find such a talented grid of drivers at a practice day anywhere else in the world, that’s for sure.

Talk Harder Ep1 VIDEOS


I figured that I spend so much time talking about car stuff with mates that we might as well record some of it! Here’s the first of what will hopefully be more “Talk Harder” podcast instalments. If you enjoy it, please let me know and suggest some other subjects that you’d like us to discuss in the future.

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