JZX90 ON-BOARD at STL 2 - Driftland

JZX90 ON-BOARD at STL 2 – Driftland

Apologies for the lack of updates recently; I’d been extremely hectic in the run up to last week’s STL 2 event at Driftland, the second drift event that I’ve organised in as many years. The event was an absolute blast as my friends from everywhere between the Northernmost parts of Scotland and the Southernmost parts of Kent descended on the Scottish venue for two days of relaxed drifting on Thursday and Friday. I’ll post a full event report and video very soon but, for now, here is a some raw on-board footage from Steveboiboi’s JZX90 Mark II during a Friday morning session at the event.

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Burnout City

Burnout City: v8illuminati Meet

I don’t even really need to give this meet an introduction, simply take a look at the video below to see what it was all about! I’ll post some photos from this particular evening shortly.


Lowest Car in BDC

The Lowest Car in BDC

Some footage I filmed of Alex‘s S14 in action at Sunday’s round of the 2017 BDC at Teesside Autodrome. It’s a real shame that the GoPro’s spot meter wasn’t able to cope with the extreme sunlight during his qualifying run; every other bit of footage was absolutely fine! I’m sure the video clip would be much more dramatic if you could see the clipping points and walls that Alex was aiming for. Ah well, next time eh.

All-Good S13 Teesside Drifting

UK LOWSTYLE: All-Good S13 Drifting at Teesside

As I mentioned in my Teesside blog post, Keeve made the long drive down from Northern Scotland in his super low S13. He put in an aggressive day’s driving before driving all the way home; massive respect. You can view some of his best driving in my latest video below: