Over the past few months I’ve been fortunate enough to attend all manner of car-based events, from the likes of supercar cars & coffee gatherings to the most recent round of the British Touring Car Championship at Oulton Park. I feel it’s important to sample as many flavours of the car culture palette as possible to prevent your automotive mind from becoming trapped within a metaphorical box, unable to appreciate different styles and cultures.

However, while this is all well and good, street meets like the one documented below will always be where my heart lies. This is the 2019 edition of the “Church of v8illuminati” hangs. All photos shot for STREET TRACK LIFE by Laurie Southern Photo.

Held the evening after a drift practice day at the relatively local Three Sisters circuit, many grassroots drift cars had driven straight from the track to the meet location to hang out for a few hours before finally heading home.

This, to me, is what STREET TRACK LIFE represents. Street cars bordering on legality driven to the track, having their respective heads kicked in during the day, before being driven home afterwards in various states of disrepair.

I also love that I also see many of these cars being driven on the street for no particular reason other than that their respective owners love to drive them, regardless of any faults and impracticalities. They are enjoyed as frequently as possible and don’t spend the majority of the year gathering dust in between events. While I am just as guilty as anyone for ignoring builds for months at a time, cars and owners like the aforementioned serve as inspiration to just crack on and enjoy the fruits of your labours.

If you arrived in a RWD drift machine, then you can’t leave without laying down a burnout. Them’s the rules.

Long British summer nights, daft cars and burnouts. There’s little better.



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