It’s not often that a drift event comes along whereby the track involved has never been drifted on before, but that’s what was on the cards for Sunday 18th November! The Anglesey circuit is known for its twists, turns and scenic location, so how would 70 odd drifters fare at its maiden drift event? We were about to find out…

Set as close to the sea as a race track can be, there were definitely no complaints about the circuit’s picturesque location. Despite this it was still fairly easy to get to, which is partly why I decided to tag along and see what was what as North Wales is only a relatively short drive away from where I live.

As soon as I arrived it didn’t take long to spot an array of familiar faces, with Joe, Matt and Alex from team Skidroh having already set about destroying their tyre supplies.

Matt’s Z32 300ZX has been sporting a prototype set of Geomaster hubs from Driftworks for the last couple of months but this was the first time I’ve seen it in action since having them fitted. Seeing a Z32 with huge steering lock isn’t a sight I’ve seen before and it’s definitely one that’ll take some getting used to.

Struggle’s well-known “Purple Twat” has had a rough few months recently, and after an incident the other week it has finally been deemed a write-off due to terminal chassis damage. A re-shell is on the cards (potentially into an S13) but Ed decided to give it a proper send-off before the shell joins the ever-growing pile of dead S-bodies on the scrapheap in the sky.

I first saw this Sileighty at Awesomefest last year, and it’s fair to say it looks a little different nowadays now that each and every panel is no longer a different colour.

Built by Street Options, the pretty exterior is only part of the package; under the bonnet lies an RB25.

With the track being so hilly good vantage points for spectating the entire track were limited, especially as it had been split into three smaller layouts in order to give the drivers three circuits to choose from throughout the day. Unfortunately, once again I didn’t have a decent lens with me so none of the action shots that I took were particularly great, but I’ll post them here anyway as I’m sure some of you would like to see them.

Luke was going great in his recently acquired S14a; he’s only had this thing a couple of weeks!

Bell was also going great in his S14; taking it off the road and trailering it to events seems to have had a positive effect on his commitment levels now that there’s no worry about the car having to survive the drive home as well.

This four door R34 was undoubtedly one of the coolest cars there.

Gutty’s PS13 Onevia was also enjoying its most recent resurrection. I wonder what it’ll take to actually kill this car!?

It certainly had no trouble killing tyres though…

The Purple Twat seemed to gradually lose body panels as the day went on; a small incident with Mike Robinson saw the bonnet consigned to the bin and also gave the intercooler a new position in the process.

It wasn’t just amateur drifters that were taking part either. Aside from Phil Morrison and the rest of the Driftworks crew, Wayne Keeber showed up in his Team SATS Soarer…

…as well as Steve Moore in his “practice” S14a.

Andy Faulkes’ S15 was looking as great as ever, although the front bumper and wing have both received damage thanks to a stray deer and badger…!

Halfway through the afternoon Harley noticed a dribble of oil coming from the hole left in the bonnet on Alex’s S14a from the previously attached Nissan badge. After opening the bonnet we found that the oil cap had blown off and, as a result, there was oil absolutely everywhere in the engine bay. Saule thought this would be a good time to demonstrate his disapproval of the situation.

Shortly after, there were some more casualties. While I didn’t see what happened, I can only assume that Joe Balls and a mate were twinning a bit too closely and it all went a bit pear shaped. Top marks for effort though boys!

We were then distracted by the sound of Bell’s S14 being dragged into the pits by a recovery truck, leaving a huge pair of elevens in its wake.

I wasn’t sure what the issue was but the rear axle was completely locked up…hopefully it’s nothing major.

Not long after we were quickly reminded that we are in the middle of November right now as everything started going very dark at around 4pm. Despite this, I don’t think a single person was seen leaving the event disappointed. Sure, there were one or two things that I am certain the Drift One team will be looking to change next time round, but overall I’d like to congratulate them on running an absolutely incredible event! Considering that this was the first drift event that has ever been held at the Anglesey circuit I don’t think it could have gone any better, and a testament to how well organised it was is that the circuit have agreed to hold more drift days next year, result!

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