Drift Trike Sreeto

With the temperatures dropping, the drift season drawing to a close and many cool cars destined to be SORN’d over the upcoming winter months, there needed to be something else to keep everyone entertained. Enter: the drift trikes.

At first, when everyone started getting really pumped on them, I must admit I didn’t really see the appeal. “Why not just use your drift car you’ve spent a fortune building?” I found myself asking. After spending some time watching them though, I must say I’m completely sold on the idea.

It’s just like street drifting, only in miniature and without running the risk of drawing the attention of a very unimpressed policeman…or more. Find a good piece of road and go nuts is basically the name of the game, much like the version of the sport that involves actual cars.

Despite the legal risks being lower, the smiles are undoubtedly just as big and the fact that a set of rear tyres will last for…well, ages, is obviously a big part of the appeal. No more having to skip meals in order to pay for rubber and petrol!

Thrills and spills were plentiful and, while I didn’t see any cables put to use, I did see a loose wheel get reattached with a keyring…

I was actually amazed by how many people were taking part, let alone spectating. It seems that a bunch of guys hurling themselves down a hill is compelling viewing!

Either that, or they’d turned up to take a closer look at the new under-car lighting on Max’s Bladasf*ck Mondeo…

Harley thought he’d join in on what I can only describe as something that looked like that little bike that Krusty the Clown used to do the loop-the-loop in an old episode of The Simpsons. It didn’t really work.

Didn’t I say there were big smiles?

George was throwing down 360s all night long – I’ll post a little video clip of one of them in the next few days

Drift triking: it may not be big or clever but it’s certainly fun, and isn’t that what counts the most?