Most of the birthday parties that I’ve been to over the last few years have comprised copious of amounts of alcohol, extremely loud music and a massive hangover the following morning. This one, however, was a little different! Thanks to his girlfriend’s organisation and her harassing us all to come (joking!) we found ourselves at Buxton Raceway for a private drift day in celebration of Alex Law’s birthday.

Quite a few people turned up who wouldn’t normally take their cars out on the Buxton Ring of Death (myself included), presumably because there were far fewer cars present than there normally would be. One of these cars was Jake’s 480bhp S14a that you might have seen in my previous post. The car sounded absolutely epic out on track and it was amazing how easily it was provoked into going sideways purely because of the immense power.

Max’s drift slag Supra was being abused as usual, here we see it getting some well needed TLC!

Ed’s S14 is another Buxton regular and (as is the norm) it was getting ragged around the track. The lock this car manages to get still baffles me.

Only when a car is given the Buxton Drift Train sticker is it allowed to join in with the infamous massive drift trains. While this ensures that only the best drivers take part in them, sometimes the stickers get creatively vandalised!

And when he wasn’t drifting, Ed was starting his glittering modelling career by posing on Alex’s car…cannot unsee!

I lost count of how many tyres Alex went through, but to be honest as it was his birthday party who could blame him!? His interior was looking as bare and sparse as always.

Present but not drifting was Drift One’s R33 drift taxi. I’ve yet to see it running but if it goes anything like their S14 then it’ll be awesome.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any on track pictures as I was out on track myself (trying to drift!) and fixing my car in the time that I had in the pits.

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