Having covered the on track action and the professional drift cars in my last post, this post will be dedicated to the cars of the every day, regular drifters. As I mentioned previously, due to the nature of the event it was easy to study cars in a lot more detail than at a regular meet, although most of the cars were filled with a mix of camping equipment, spare tyres and booze!

Before the weekend I’d never thought of S13s/14s/15s as good cars for going camping with but it was amazing how much people had managed to cram into them.

With the Friday afternoon set aside for people to arrive and get familiar with their surroundings and fellow campers it meant that there was a constant stream of interesting cars arriving at the campsite.

It was refreshing to just be able to hang out and chill with drifters seeing as most drift events are full of people dashing around fixing their cars, changing tyres and cable-tieing bumpers back together.

Obviously it wasn’t just drift cars that made the journey down, there was a huge amount of other awesome modified cars present to gawp at…

…although obviously the high-powered RWD cars were the main attraction!

Garage Southern Style rolled up with their selection of super cool S13s and the odd AE86. It was nice to see so many similar groups of people chilling out with a beer or three, discussing cars and admiring each others work.

One of two FC Rx-7s at the event, this convertible model belongs to one of the guys from the LowLife UK gang. Banded steelies, front headlight conversion…stealthy awesomeness.

Big saloons were also popular with the drifters, this Chaser and E38 BMW both saw lots of action on the track and attention in the pits.

Convertible PS13? Ultimate coolness.

Driftworks head honcho Phil Morrison’s M3 was on display in the paddock…

…and yep, the number plate isn’t lying: there’s a V10 under the bonnet.

9am on Saturday saw the track open and a stream of cars heading down from the campsite towards the track area. While normally I’d be really glad of the opportunity to watch some early morning drifting, being woken up by the sound of a dozen SR20s while nursing a massive hangover wasn’t too pleasant!

Mx-5s are definitely one of the cars of the moment in the scene and to be honest it’s not hard to see why. Cheap, reliable RWD fun!

As featured in my previous post, this FC3S Rx-7 was definitely one of my favourite cars of the weekend…

…and not just because of the epic steering wheel!

While they may not have been drifting, there was still plenty of rotary porn to marvel at in the camping areas.

After the Saturday night of late night drifting, brilliant DJs in the music tent and another healthy dose of beer and socialising until the early hours it was soon 9am and the track was open again. With some sessions containing up to thirty cars the action was nothing short of hectic which made it entertaining at the very least!

As I mentioned earlier on, it wasn’t just drift cars that made the trip down…there was quite a number of wild cards parked up in the campsite!

To me, the camping aspect of Awesomefest was by far its main appeal. While the track sessions, professional drift demonstrations and other amusements were all very, very impressive, in my opinion there was nothing better than just chilling out with your mates in a field full of likeminded enthusiasts and their cars. Driftworks have just announced that they are pre-releasing a select amount of tickets for next year’s event…I can safely say that I’ll be there!

Stay tuned for some more Awesomefest coverage in the next few days as I still have a video or two to edit and upload!




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