At this point I’m sure you’re all asking “is he really still posting pictures from Awesomefest?” to which I would reply with “yes, I am”. Throughout the course of Awesomefest 2011 I took nigh on 2000 pictures and every now and then I have a look through the folder to see if there are any photos I never got round to editing. I almost always find something worth posting so I thought I’d share a few that I found earlier on tonight.

As I’ve mentioned previously, one of my favourite parts of the event was seeing ordinary people heading out onto the Mallory Park track in their road legal day to day drift cars and mixing it up with the professionals. At the end of the weekend, while the cars belonging to the big teams were loaded onto the back of various trailers and/or lorries, the campsite was filled with drifters trying to cram all of their camping gear into the back of their skid cars alongside tools, wheels, tyres and various other spare parts.

Many of the grassroots cars are almost as well known as their professional counterparts such is the tight knit nature of the UK’s drift scene; Rich Hudson’s PS13 on TE37s (above) and David “Daze” Cooper’s RPS13 (below, sorry about the ginger man’s head!) are both familiar cars to anyone who frequents websites such as this one.

I’m really gutted that there won’t be another Awesomefest until next year at the earliest but I’m sure that when it eventually takes place it’ll be another incredible event.

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