For reasons I can’t remember the following pictures never made it into my original Awesomefest posts, which is a bit of a shame seeing as the cars in them are all brilliant. Unfortunately, editing photos long into the early hours of the morning can often cause you to lose concentration and miss a few gems, but they’re here now! First up is this gorgeous PS13 fronted S13. I usually prefer the block style headlights on PS13 front ends, but I really think the round style items look great on this car.

Next up is this brilliant R32 GTS-T (which was pictured from a different angle in one of my previous posts). I’d love to have one of these some day, but as soon as you mention the word “Skyline” to an insurance company they don’t want to know (even if it isn’t a GTR!).

Another PS13 fronted S13, this one is part of the Southern Style gang (who’s cars were pictured a few posts ago). Battered, bruised, slammed to the floor and wearing mismatching SSR wheels it just oozes character. It’s not just for posing in either, a point proven by the thrashing it got on the Mallory Park circuit over the course of the weekend.

Another car that I’ve posted previously, after finding the build thread for this Toyota Chaser on the Driftworks forum my want for one has increased no end. Cool, powerful and practical, they seem like a perfect car for the drifter with a lot of luggage to carry around!

What’s not to love about this AE86!?

A few more of the Southern Style cars, the S13 on the left belongs to Dan Chapman. You can see just how much abuse the arches have needed to get the fitment he’s running!

I love Zenki S14s, and this one sporting a set of luminous Rota GTRs is no exception.

Speaking of S14s, this super clean S14a may have needed to be a little bit lower at the front but was otherwise absolutely flawless.

Another really clean car, this Sil80 wearing a set of Rota GTRs and rocking a large rear wing looked mean parked up on top of the hill overlooking Mallory Park’s pit straight.

Another epic AE86!

While I never saw it out on track, I had to love this S15 that was parked up in the campsite area.

And last but not least, my mate Seb chucking his car round the Mallory Park hairpin! For me, no other show or event has come close to Awesomefest in terms of fun, things to do and the sheer social experience of spending three days drinking and drifting (although not at the same time!) at a well known race track. I can’t wait for next year!

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