After the depressing weather on the first day of the Buxton weekender it was a pleasant surprise to turn up on the Sunday and have to start applying sun cream! The schedule for the day was pretty much the same as the Saturday, with the track being open for the majority of the afternoon. Later on in the day the Open Drift Championship round got underway, which is essentially a scaled down, grassroots version of the British Drift Championship.

To be honest, due to me spending the majority of the time stood inside the track trying to take pretty pictures and avoid getting run over I wasn’t able to keep track of the results of each drift battle. However, I can tell you that the action was intense and there some awesome skill on display!

Despite getting pretty beat up the previous day, Adam’s Soarer was still running strong and filling the track with its glorious 1JZ soundtrack.

The Soarer had a bit of a coming together with this S14 early on the day, causing some pretty major damage to the S14’s intercooler. Despite trying to bodge it back together with some liquid metal and part of a Stella beer can it never got back to full strength and retired shortly after.

This R32 started off fairly steadily but got more and more committed over time and was putting together some pretty impressive runs later on in the afternoon.

Although the tyres eventually had enough!

This S13 was once again pulling some crazy angles with plenty of smoke, happy days!

The BMW drift slags were out in force, the drivers giving it all their all and having no thoughts about the possible consequences!

The Drift One S14a was out on track giving passenger rides to members of the public, seeing people getting out of the car with a massive grin on their face was a sure sign to drifting’s fun nature which is sure to guarantee its longevity.

There were some seriously cool retro rides out on track, this MkIII Supra and Celica Supra sounded and looked awesome being abused and going sideways.

This S13 Onevia was one of the cleanest and most exciting to watch out on track, but unfortunately an accident late in the afternoon saw it hit the infamous ring of steel head on, effectively putting an end to its day.

Precise repairs were the name of the game!

Stickers on drift cars is always a winning combination.

That concludes my photos from the Buxton weekender, an event that I really, really enjoyed. Grassroots drifting can be great fun and the event was a perfect example of this. Hopefully one day I’ll have my own drift car that I can take out into the infamous Buxton ring of steel, but until then I’ll just have to spend my time in the middle of the track avoiding being run over in order to try and take nice pictures!

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