What better way to spend a weekend than up in the hills watching some grassroots drifting while getting a bit of a sun tan!? That was a proposition that I couldn’t turn down, so a few weeks ago I packed my gear and headed up into the Buxton hills to get a face full of burnt rubber. Unfortunately, the Saturday turned out to be rather wet, but that didn’t deter anyone from giving it all in the name of going sideways!

While the weekend was predominantly for grassroots drivers that didn’t mean that the quality of the cars was lacking. This Soarer looked and sounded amazing out on track, but unfortunately a few greetings with Buxton’s infamous wall of steel left it looking a little worse for wear.

This S13 Onevia was another stunning car that saw lots of track time, but fortunately for the driver Joe it didn’t come into contact with any of the track barriers! I was lucky enough to get given a few passenger rides in this car and all I can say is that it was an absolute smoke machine! I can’t wait to build myself a similar car and take it drifting one day.

This S14 Zenki was running well all day but was unfortunately involved in a crash with another car on the Sunday, but I’ll save that for Sunday’s coverage!

This S13 showed great commitment all day with some huge entry speeds and angles

This BMW 3 series started the day off pretty steadily but the driver gradually built up a lot more confidence and was putting together some awesome angles and entries by the end of the day

This S14a was running consistently all day

This Ford was a typical UK drift slag and actually did pretty well throughout the day! Cars like this are great for beginners or those who don’t want to spend a premium on Japanese machinery

The driver of this BMW was by far the most committed all weekend which eventually led to him winning the twinning battle on Saturday afternoon.

This 3 series was also running great

This clean S14 Zenki was running steadily and thankfully didn’t leave with any battle scars!

This MkIII Supra sounded fantastic as it bounced off the rev limiter, it’s really cool to see retro rides like this being abused out on track

This Celica Supra was another one of the retro rides out on track

This clean S13 Onevia was running great but unfortunately greeted the wall head on on the Sunday

Nissan RB engines sound absolutely fantastic when being abused on track, and these two Skylines were no exception

There were plenty of interesting cars off the track and in the pits as well, this Toyota Starlet and Nissan 350Z being two prime examples.

However, nothing in the pits was as cool as this VIP style Lexus LS! More pictures of this car will be posted shortly.

In my next post I’ll cover day two of the Buxton Weekender, where thankfully the weather was a lot nicer! If you haven’t seen my video from the Sunday yet, it’s here:

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