It’s that time of year again…back to Buxton! Unfortunately I had to miss the first of this year’s Drift One weekenders but yesterday I made it to the first day of April’s event (I had to miss today’s due to work commitments). I hadn’t been to Buxton Raceway since last summer and I’d completely forgot how harsh the weather can be up in the English hills; moments later I started shivering and made my way straight to the butty van.

It wasn’t long before I got to speak to some familiar faces, most of whom had spent the winter tucked away in their garages and/or units getting their cars ready for the summer. Christian Bell was one such driver, whose trusty S14 was re-shelled over the colder months.

I love the styling of this car: standard bodywork, slammed and sporting a great stance on some gangster wheels.

It was nice to see a few stickers dotted around!

I’m not sure who the driver of this R32 was but I can definitely say he had hefty balls! His all-out commitment was as astounding as the sound emitted from RB engine that lay under the bonnet, which, along with the huge flames being spat out by the exhaust, all made for a great spectacle.

Stu Longson’s R32 is a Buxton regular, now sporting a stealthier black colour scheme as opposed to the bright pink that he was rocking last year. I really like the style Stu has gone for this year; the window nets and homemade rear spoiler are very unique to say the least.

While it didn’t see any use on the Buxton circuit, this Mine’s themed R33 looked pretty cool in the car park.

Max Malone’s MkIII Supra is usually part of the scenery at Buxton but money issues (i.e a lack of it!) on Max’s behalf meant it wasn’t going to be doing any skids.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll no doubt be familiar with Joe Ankers’ PS13 Onevia. Now sporting a set of R33 GTR wheels instead of the beautiful Works that it had before (which you can now see on Max’s Supra, pictured above) it still managed to look fantastic.

Here’s something you don’t see every day…an S12 Silvia converted into a pickup!?

The driver of this little Mx-5 got better and better as the day went on…

…as did the driver of this E30…

…and the driver of this fantstic looking S14a.

This white S14a looked great as well.

Richard Grindrod certainly knows how to arrive in style! On top is his E36 drifter and below is what I assume is his daily E46 M3.

I only caught one of Richard’s runs, but as is the norm for whenever he hits the track, it was probably the most balls out thing I saw all day. From the moment he entered the circuit the rear tyres were smoking away, but as per usual it could only end one way…

…with parts of the bodywork flying off and two very unhappy rear tyres!

Of course, it would be impossible to spend a day at Buxton without seeing at least one incident.

This gorgeous JZX100 rolled up later on and it understandably it received a lot of attention; it’s quite probably the cleanest car I’ve ever seen enter the Buxton “Ring of Death”.

If you’re thinking the car looks familiar, you may remember seeing it in my Awesomefest coverage from last year. Since then a member of the public drove into the back of it which saw it change hands only for the new owner to fix it back up again. Considering how it looked post-crash it looked mightily impressive fixed up and going all out on track.

The previous owner of the JZX100 also showed up in his latest toy, this gorgeous S15. I don’t blame him for keeping it away from the Ring of Death, it looked far too clean to be abused!

This guy looked like he was having a great time giving his four door E36 plenty of clutch kick abuse.

E36s are a common sight within the Buxton Ring, primarily because of their brilliant pounds-per-thrill ratio.

Matt Guttmann’s PS13 Onevia is also part of the furniture at Buxton. I’ve lost count of how many different colours this car has been in the past but it always looks great no matter what. Now wearing wider front wings, a chunky pair of sideskirts and a Supermade style rear bumper it looked fantastic with the R33 GTR wheels pushed to the outer limits of the arches.

In fact, the rear fitment is so tight we couldn’t even fit a cable tie between the tyre and the arch.

So there we have it, another fantastic day at Buxton. As I previously stated, unfortunately I was only able to attend the Saturday but I had a great time regardless. The Drift One guys always put on a great event and hopefully I’ll be able to take part myself at the next one…here’s hoping I stay away from that wall!

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