Another sunny weekend and another trip to Buxton Raceway! This time it was just a one day event but it was still packed full of action. The track was open to everyone for the majority of the day aside from when the round of the Open Drift Championship was held later on in the afternoon. This saw some of the best drivers take each other on in a number of judged runs and there was some serious driving skill on display!

Fully repaired after a head-on impact with the wall at the last Buxton event, Matt’s S13 Onevia had come back stronger than ever and looked brilliant out on track.

It’s not often you get to see two S13 Onevias going balls out!

Joe was typically consistent in his S13, it’s incredible how much smoke this car makes with so little effort!

Ed’s S14 finally made an on-track appearance and looked mightily impressive. It’s amazing how effective a decent suspension and steering setup is on a drift car, being able to run a massive amounts of steering lock allowed Ed to enter the corners slightly slower than most yet still retain a huge angle with a large amount of smoke.

Adam’s Soarer was back in one piece…until he ran over some cow poo on the way to the track and destroyed his front bumper! The sound of a 1JZ never gets boring out on track.

Antoni turned up towards the end of the day to give his FC3S Rx-7 a last hurrah before his court date later this week, stay in school and don’t drift kids!

Alex Law turned up in this beautifully simple S14a and was destroying rubber within seconds of getting out on track. His commitment was certainly impressive considering his first few laps were some of the smokiest of the entire day!

As usual this BMW 3 series was going all out for the entire day, I lost count of how many tyres he went through!

Despite being put back together since its crash last time round, Bell’s S14 was forced to retire early on with overheating problems.

The sound of an RB engine bouncing off the limiter never gets boring!

A lot of drift cars…and a Peugeot.

While it didn’t get taken out on track, this S14a looked absolutely stunning parked hard in the pits.

Once again, another fantastic day out at the Buxton ring of steel! I’m off to Driftworks Awesomefest this weekend so this will be the last update on the blog for the week, but stay tuned on the Facebook page for a few more things in the next few days!




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