JAE 2011

JAE has always been one of those shows that, at the start of each year, I’ve insisted that I’ll be at the next one. After it missing it last year I was adamant I was going to make it this time round, but unfortunately being made redundant the day before I was due to leave meant that I had no choice but to give it a miss. Thankfully though, my good friend Stew Noble was going to be present and managed to get some brilliant photos while he was there; thanks again Stew!

This FC3S convertible looks absolutely brilliant and is definitely inspiration for me to get mine sorted, funnily enough the registration is pretty much the same as mine as well.

Benny Rees’ Del Sol looked as stunning as ever. This car has so many neat little features inside and out it really has to be seen in the flesh to appreciate it fully.

Sukhy Dhillon’s Tahitian Green EK was also looking great…sporting yet another set of wheels!

Simple but effective DC2, slammed on Rota Grids.

EF Civic bonnets are always the perfect place to hold a “guess the number of jelly babies” competition…!

Mean looking S14…

…and a similarly mean looking DC5.

One of the Sumo Power R35s.

No tyre stretch to be found here!

This Mx-5 looks awfully similar to Seb’s that I featured in my last post…it still looks cool though!

Awesome little AE86!

S2000s look so much meaner with hard tops…

The number plate pretty much sums up this nicely slammed and stanced DC2!

Mark Loony’s Aqua Mint EK. This car hasn’t really changed that much since I first saw it (with the exception of the wheels and neat touches like the stickerbombed wink mirror) but to be honest I wouldn’t change a thing.


DC2, Advans, perfect.

Few cars have the presence of a Skyline and it’s easy to see why with examples like this hardcore looking R33.

Once again, I’m absolutely gutted to have missed JAE yet again (next year, I promise) but I owe Stew Noble massively for taking these photos and letting me use them. Make sure you check out more of his work on his Flickr.