EVENT: Top Gear Stockport Open Day

Top Gear in Stockport will be a familiar name to most modified car owners in South Manchester as a garage that offers pretty much everything under roof. From the usual MOTs and servicing to custom exhaust fabrication and fitting they’ve got it covered in their modern facility on the outskirts of Stockport. The guys decided to hold an open day at the start of the month in order to let people to get to know the facility and see what they were offering at special prices on the day, Of course, this also meant that there was essentially a pretty large meet in the car park, which was filled some top quality modified motors…

Co-owner Craig’s FD Rx-7 was a real crowd pleaser all day which is no real surprise considering just how awesome it looks sitting perfectly on a set of Rota GTRs.

This Focus RS was ridiculously clean, and while it may look standard on the outside the owner has put time and effort into the most important area…under the bonnet!

WRC replica Imprezas will never go out of fashion in the UK, and this example was one of the cleanest and most carefully put together replicas I’ve seen for a long time.

Keeping up the rally car trend, this Evo VI was a real throwback to the classic Impreza vs. Evo rally days and sounded absolutely phenomenal as it rolled into the car park.

Bringing a bit of diversity to the predominantly Jap car meet was this slammed 3 series BMW that was following the OEM+ trend to the book. While it may not be completely “hellaflush”, it’s more than low enough for the pot hole filled British roads!

While the styling on this CRX may look a little dated now (the owner has had the car for 14 years!), its modifications under the bonnet will never go out of fashion. Its turbo’d B18 lump is currently pushing out around 400bhp, more than enough in a car that weighs well under a 1000kg!

Blob eye Imprezas are finding ever increasing popularity thanks to tumbling prices; this example looked very tidy rocking the traditional blue and gold colour combination.

Imprezas were definitely the most popular cars on the day! This older model took me back to my childhood when my dad bought one just like this back in 1999, minus the black wheels, black detailing and transformers logo on the front grill. Oh, and his still had the rear spoiler! Saying that I am starting to like the look of despoilered Scoobys now, maybe it’s starting to catch on?

The trademark Impreza acceleration stance, it looks like it’s almost about to pop a wheelie! With around 300bhp pushing this example along, it’s no surprise really.

The really relaxed atmosphere on the day just added to the fun as guys and girls chatted cars throughout the afternoon while admiring each other’s rides and Top Gear Stockport’s facilities. It’d be great if other garages and tuning shops took this approach and held similar events at their facilities as it’s definitely a great form of advertising and an easy way to get potential customers into their facilities! For now though, be sure to check out Top Gear Stockport’s website here.



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