Big power Jap machines, old skool Fords, European hot hatches; you name it, Ant Cookson will probably have owned it. As a man that doesn’t hang about when it comes to cars he’s owned many weird and wonderful creations, with his last being a seriously cool R33 4-door Skyline. In comparison I suppose his latest car, an E36 328 Sport, is a little bit more tame, but it’s still cool nonetheless.

I’ve been wanting to take a few pictures of it for a while now and when I spotted the burning drum outside Jake’s unit I thought it’d be a good chance for an impromptu photo shoot (albeit without my tripod, which didn’t help!).

Clean and simple is the name of the game here: FK coilovers provide the drop to suit the dishy Cromodora wheels, while under the bonnet a Group N induction kit and 325 inlet manifold aid the air flow. Out back, the subtle Scorpion exhaust helps the car retain an OEM feel while adding a bit of flavour to the traditional BMW roar.

I know it’s hardly the most highly tuned or modified BMW out there, but personally I think Ant’s E36 just oozes cool and it’s definitely a car I’d love to own and drive on a daily basis. I’m still yet to own a Beemer, maybe one day I’ll soon I’ll give one a go…

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