FEATURE CAR: Omair’s EG Civic

In hindsight, organising a photo shoot a few hundred metres away from a football ground on the day of a match probably wasn’t such a good idea. When the ground is Old Trafford and the match in question is one of the biggest of the season (Manchester United vs. Chelsea) you can begin to understand how much could have gone wrong!

Omair has been asking me to shoot his car for quite some time now, so seeing as I’d just bought myself a new camera and the sun was out I thought we’d give it a go. We eventually found each other in the concrete maze that is Salford Quays and set about getting some quality pictures in a brilliant location (which happened to be on one of the main walkways to Old Trafford) while trying to avoid the hundreds of fans walking to the match.

The car’s spec-list is full of JDM goodies from some of the best Honda tuning companies in the world, helping the B18C GSR engine achieve a maximum output of 216bhp…not bad for a naturally aspirated 1.8! Breathing is assisted with a Mugen air intake, while gases are dispensed more easily thanks to a J’s Racing manifold, decat pipe and a Spoon N1 exhaust system. Keeping the engine in check is a Hondata S300.

Keeping the little EG pinned to the black stuff is a similarly impressive list of parts. Meister R Zeta-R coilovers have allowed for a much more fitting stance and a suitably stiff ride which, coupled with a pair of Cusco chassis braces and a 282mm front brake upgrade, allows the little Civic to corner as well as it goes in a straight line.

On the inside, the rear seats have been removed to help reduce weight, along with the removal of the rear interior, giving Omair’s EG a stripped out, race-car feel. Up front, the standard sofa-like front seats have been replaced by a pair of Recaro bucket seats taken from an EP3 Civic Type-R. The entire dashboard has been replaced with one from a DC2 Integra Type-R, while little creature comforts include a Sparco steering wheel and an aluminium gear knob taken from the aforementioned Integra Type-R.

On the outside, subtle touches such as the VTi front lip, colour-coded bumpstrips, Datum tow hook, 50/50 rear lights and JDM amber front indicator lenses suggest to passer-bys that this is no ordinary EG Civic used by an OAP to do their shopping. More visually striking extras such as the white 16″ Volk TE37 replica wheels and black bonnet compliment the look of the EG and finish it off perfectly.

Omair’s EG is a brilliant summation of the what attracts drivers to Civics in the first place – big power in a small package. 216bhp in a car that weighs well below a tonne is more than enough to embarrass the vast majority of modern hot hatches that have been burdened with extra weight thanks to safety regulations and added luxuries.

Unfortunately Omair was involved in an incident on the way home from the photo shoot which has left his Civic in a bad state. While I am absolutely gutted for him I can’t help but anticipate what’s going to come next…hopefully another Civic powered by that glorious B18 engine!


B18C GSR Engine
Mugen Induction Kit
J’s Racing Manifold
Spoon N1
Custom mid-pipe with decat
Hondata S300 ECU
Spoon HT Leads
Carbon Fibre Cold Air Feed (mounted in the front bumper)

Meister R Zeta-R Coilovers
Cusco Front Strut Brace
Cusco Rear Strut Brace
Cusco Lower Front Brace
Cusco Rear Tie-Bar
EP3 Recaro seats with EG rails
282mm Front Brake Upgrade
HEL Braided Brake Lines
Integra 1″ Master Cylinder and Servo
Integra Rear LCAs

JDM Rear Bootlid
50/50 Rear Lights
JDM Amber Front Indicator Lenses
Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler
Datum Tow Hook
EG VTi Front Lip

Sparco Deep-Dish Steering Wheel
DC2 Integra Dashboard and Dials
DC2 Integra Shift Knob



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