I know you’ll probably have seen this car in some of my previous posts, but the other night I found myself out in the pouring rain with my mate Seb (we were both avoiding roundabouts and long corners, obviously…) with the opportunity to take a few more shots of his slammed Mx-5.

Of course, the first thing that catches your eye is the stance. Whilst it may not be as extreme as some Mxs from across the pond, going any lower would render the car pretty much useless on the terrible UK roads! Slammed on a set of HSD coilovers and rolling on 15×8 Sportmaxx 002s, it manages to look cool and stand out without being to over the top or “tacky” (like quite a few Mx-5s I’ve seen recently).

Out back you’ll find a straight-through Kakimoto Exhaust which, coupled with the decat up front, is ridiculously, ear-splittingly loud. Other neat touches include the bootlid spoiler, while a welded diff driving the rear wheels ensures that this car is rarely going in a straight line!

Out front, the Garage Vary lip and tinted sidelights are subtle yet massively effective in making this little Mx-5 stand out from the rest. Hidden away under the bonnet are a number of other modifications that include Magnecor KV85 leads, IL Motorsport engine mounts and an ITG Maxogen air box.

The front and rear arches have obviously been rolled to accommodate the aforementioned Sportmaxx wheels as there’s absolutely no way they would have fit without doing so.

Inside there are plenty of creature comforts: the Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel coupled to an NRG snap-off boss and short hub, Sparco Rev drivers seat, Kode “dildo” gear knob and Alpine heat unit help to make for a more pleasurable driving experience, while the TR Lane door bars are there to make it a safer one!

Seeing as my FC3S was also present, I thought it’d have been rude not to show some Mazda pride and get a few pictures with the little Mx.

Excuse the rear wheels, the tyres on my regular road wheels got destroyed at Buxton the other weekend.

Overall, Seb has built an Mx-5 that looks awesome, drifts brilliantly and is still useable every day! Mx-5s are definitely one of the “in” cars at the moment, and with examples like this it’s easy to see why.



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