On the outside, many serious drift cars look abused, unloved and often show the tell tale signs of an unexpected off-road excursion or two. However, look underneath the somewhat tatty exterior and you’ll find a wealth of performance enhancing parts, all present to improve the cars’ drifting capabilities. To the unknowing eye, these cars are often overlooked and register as nothing special to those without an open mind. However, to those who know, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Riky Darby’s S14 is one such car; slightly tatty in places, but with a spec-list to put many modified cars to shame. Let’s take a closer look…

As I pulled into the car park at my local Krispy Kremes it was obvious just how much presence this S14 has. That may have been to do with the fact that it was parked in the disabled parking bay right outside the main entrance to the restaurant, but I’d like to think it was due to the menacing aero that the car is sporting! The bronze Buddy Club P1s (front) and A-Techs (rear) definitely help to contribute to car’s visual appeal. If the car was mine though, I would definitely be investing in some deep dish, low offset wheels to help fill the aggressive aero and to give this S14 even more presence. Knowing Riky though, I’m sure the car won’t look the same next time I see it so who knows what wheels it will be wearing next! Some of the eagle eyed amongst you might be wondering why I haven’t labelled this car as an S14a, despite it having an S14a front end. The Silvia actually underwent a front end conversion in Japan before it was imported over to the UK, with the only real clue being that the car is on a 1995 “M” reg plate, a year when the S14a wasn’t available.

As I mentioned at the start of this feature, what matters most about a serious drift car is what’s underneath the slightly tatty bodywork, so let’s move onto the suspension setup that Riky’s S14 is utilising. First and foremost, the car has been dropped using a set of Cusco Zero coilovers with pillow ball top mounts. These have been mated to Swift Racing springs, which, along with a wide range of uprated tie rods and tension rods (including Kazama Auto tie rods and tie rod ends) keep this S14 planted to the tarmac with as little body roll as possible to help utilise the extra steering lock that has been made available. The front brake callipers have replaced with four-pot Ks items which have been mated to Endless pads, while the clutch has been upgraded to a Stage 4 Competition Clutch item so that Riky can keep clutch kicking all day long. The standard rear differential has also been replaced with an aftermarket LSD with a 4.3 ratio.

Under the bonnet though is where things really start to get interesting. Originally imported as a non-turbo model, the Silvia went under the knife for some surgery and came out with a turbocharged SR20DET engine with a fantastic spec. Upgrades such as the HKS T28 turbo, Blitz front mounted intercooler and Trust induction kit help to get the most out of the venerable SR20, while spent gases are disposed of via an A’PEXi N1 exhaust system (see the full car specification at the end of the feature for the rest of the engine spec!).

Moving onto the interior during the feature of most drift cars usually involves mentioning a roll cage, a bucket seat and the dashboard and not a lot else, but to my pleasant surprise Riky’s was a little bit more luxurious than that! While it may have featured the standard additions of a roll cage (8 point), a bucket seat (Recaro) and suede dished steering wheel with a snap-off boss (D1), it also featured a number of other creature comforts.

The A’PEXi Power FC, GReddy Profec B SPec II and GReddy Turbo Timer are there to get the best out of that glorious SR20, while a plethora of gauges, ranging from the GReddy boost gauge and Prosport oil pressure items, help Riky keep an eye on its vitals.

The Fast & Furious-spec Pivot tacho with extra large shift light must look pretty cool when Riky’s bouncing off the limiter!

Also present is an Alpine double DIN head unit, while an Innovate wideband gauge is neatly nestled into the ash tray lid.

Moving back to the exterior again, it’s often the little things that can make or break the styling of a drift car. Stickers are almost always a welcome addition, as long as they’re cool ones! Thankfully the collection on Riky’s rear window doesn’t disappoint.

I often find that it’s only through features such as these that one is able to truly appreciate an extensively modified car. Catching a glimpse of one at a meet or seeing a snapshot in a magazine doesn’t even scratch the surface as to what can lie beneath and, quite often, this is where a car’s party pieces will lie. Going back to my point at the start of this feature, this is often the case with quite highly specified drift cars, where the exterior does very little to reveal what lies underneath. As you’ll be able to see from the specification list below, Riky’s car is no exception, as the list of modifications to the exterior is easily outweighed by the suspension and engine details. While this not be the best way to earn the respect of an unknowing passing motorist, for car enthusiasts such as ourselves it’s definitely in line with the function over form mantra.


Specification list:

CP Racing 86.5mm Pistons
Manley H-Beam Rods
Supertech valve springs and Ti retainers
ARP bottom end and head bolts
RS*R Front Pipe
A’PEXi N1 Exhaust System
H-Dev Manifold
Cosworth metal head gasket
HKS GT-SS Turbine
555 cc injectors
Uprated fuel pump
Tomei Poncams
Aftermarket engine mounts
Engine under-guard
Blitz front mounted intercooler
Koyo 2-Layer radiator
Trust AirInx induction kit
GReddy Metal Suction Pipe
Oil catch tank
Radiator cooling panel
Front strut brace

Suspension & Transmission
Stainmesh “Flexi” brake lines front and rear
Cusco Zero coilovers with pillowball top mounts
Swift Racing springs
Aftermarket rear subframe bushes
Aftermarket LSD (4.3 ratio)
Competition Clutch Stage 4
Kazama Auto tie rods and tie rod ends
Endless front brake pads
Ks 4 Pot front callipers
Endless rear brake pads
Nismo Front Power Brace
Aftermarket front adjustable tension rods
Aftermarket front adjustable inner tension rods
Aftermarket transmission mounts
Nismo wheel nuts
17″ Buddy Club P1 wheels (front)
17″ A-Tech wheels (rear)

Fenders folded
Origin front bumper
Aero side skirts
Aero rear bumper

Apexi Power FC and Commande
Alpine CD/MD Player
GReddy temperature gauge
GReddy electronic boost gauge
Prosport oil pressure gauge
Innovate wideband kit
Pivot Tacho with shift change light
GReddy Profec B Spec II
GReddy Turbo Timer
Billion VFC fan controller
Razo foot pedals
Adjustable floor brace in boot
Suede dished steering wheel
D1 Snap-Off boss
Recaro bucket seat
Sabelt 4-point harnesses
8 point roll cage
Rear strut brace
C pillar brace
Nismo shift knob
Drift Use handbrake button



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