People often say the country air is great for clearing your head. I got to experience this myself at the weekend, where the freezing country air, the snow and a McDonalds worked wonders for my hangover from hell. As I dragged myself out of bed to find Ross Burgess’ four door, R33 GTS25T Skyline parked outside my house I knew it’d been a good decision to organise this photo shoot.

The idea had originally been to take a few quick shots so that Ross could use them to help sell the car, but the picturesque weather conditions and winding roads in the Derbyshire countryside were far too tempting.

After our first stop at a local industrial estate in inner-city Manchester we made a pit stop at McDonalds before heading out into the hills. I was a bit apprehensive as to how well the Cusco Ground Zero coilovers and 18×10 (at the rear) Rota Grids were going to handle the snow and ice…but that’s part of the fun!

The 280bhp+ RB25DET and the welded diff out back were other items you wouldn’t normally find on a car going for a venture into the snow, but they were either the perfect ingredients for a lot of fun or a very big crash (thankfully it was the former!)

Luckily for us the R33 is full of creature comforts as standard so we were kept somewhat protected from the elements, but the addition of the 330mm Nardi Classic steering wheel and the bubble shift knob livened things up a little.

As we made our way towards Goyt Valley the snow and the fog become much, much worse. After the odd gentle tug on the handbrake and a mild skid here and there it was decided that we should actually head down into the valley as there’d be plenty of great opportunities for photos.

After slipping, sliding and skidding down the single track icy road we found ourselves next to a frozen lake which made a great backdrop for some more pictures.

Compared to the 4x4s that were trundling around, the R33 had a slightly different stance.

We eventually made our way back to Manchester down the infamous Cat & Fiddle road which was a good laugh in some places, but pretty scary in most!

Apologies for some of the pictures being a little repetitive; with the objective of the drive being to get some pictures for Ross’ for sale advert I had to take as many as possible. If you are interested in buying the car, check out the for sale thread on Driftworks here.

Spec list

R33 GTS25T Phase 2
RB25DET with dyno proven 282bhp
Full A’PEXi tubro-back exhaust
Blitz FMIC
Blitz induction kit
HKS actuator
Cusco Ground Zero coilovers
Front tension rods
5mm spacers on the front
15mm spacers on the rear
S14 rear subframe with solid bushes
Welded 4.10 ratio diff
Denso spark plugs
Odyssey PC680 battery
Exedy organic clutch
New coilpacks
Nardi Classic 330 suede steering wheel
Drift handbrake button
Rota Grids (18″)



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