That’s it, I’m now hooked on drifting! I’ve admired the sport for many years, watched countless touge videos, attended the British Drift Championship and yearned for a white S14 Zenki of my own yet I’d never actually been in a drift car before…until now.

Thanks to my mum being obsessed with the Groupon franchise that seems to have taken hold over middle aged women up and down the country she snapped up an offer for passenger rides at Buxton Raceway as a birthday present (albeit a month and a half late…!).

The track is only twenty five miles from my house and is situated just off the Cat and Fiddle, a road that surely needs no introduction thanks to its stature as the most dangerous road in the UK.

The morning started with me riding shotgun in an S14 Zenki for a couple of laps. The car has always been towards the top of my “Cars I Need To Have Owned Before I Die” list and, as this was my first time actually having a ride in one, it was absolutely huge fun.

I sometimes feel that drifting can get a bit repetitive from a spectator’s point of view but now I can definitely see the appeal from a driver’s perspective. The noise, the smoke and the feeling of the car’s balance being on a knife edge must become hugely addicitve, and no doubt expensive after a while!

The rest of the afternoon was filled with a “Drift What You Brung” session which definitely contained some eye opening cars; the usual array of Nissan S bodies were joined by BMWs, Mk1 Supras, a Soarer, a couple of Skylines and a handful of Mx-5s, amongst others.

The most important thing was that everyone was coming off the track with massive grins on their faces, a sure sign that drifting is, above anything else, a sport designed purely for fun.

I took many more photos but unfortunately my camera’s memory card has just decided to corrupt itself…hopefully I can recover the pictures and post them up here fairly soon.

In the meantime though, here’s a short video that I filmed over the course of the day:




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