MEET: Wilmslow Tunnel Run

Well tonight has been…eventful to say the least. Shortly before I finished work I got a call asking if I’d like to tag along on a tunnel run. In other words, join a convoy of cars going through the nearby Manchester Airport tunnels to make as much noise as possible. Sounds fun right? Well it is, so I dashed back from work and met everyone in Stockport to take a few pre-tunnel shots.

We soon jetted off to the tunnels but something didn’t feel right…nevertheless as soon as we got there the noise started and all was well. Without going into too much detail, there was an unmarked police car (Audi S3) waiting for everyone at the end of road that pulled over the first car it could get to.

Thankfully those pulled over didn’t receive any points/fines, although as the police on the scene didn’t have any speed checking equipment they had no evidence with which to charge anyone for doing anything wrong.

I guess this just proves that the police do indeed prowl car club forums to find out when and where the next meets are, as they must have been tipped off in advance as to where we were heading.

(Full size versions of the pictures can be found on my Flickr)



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